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German team WC selections


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  • German team WC selections

    I'd figure they would have someone in the 800, namely Schemberra...specially being at home, but they dont have anyone listed.

    I know his time is not an A qualifier but you can send the one man....maybe they are nursing him and Keiner, who also does not have the qualifying time and is only 19.

    And there is Schumman who took 3rd in their champs.

    If these players were to go out and get the A's, will the German fed include them?

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    Take a look at what Stephen had to say about the topic: ... hp?t=36287


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      Schembera's nomination is practically certain. He more than likely will belong to a bunch of 10 to 15 athletes, who will be nominated August 2nd.

      The most likely candidates (including those, who are already nominated for the relays) for this are Sailer (100m), Wagner (100m), Schwab (100m), Unger (100m), Hering (200m), Kosenkow (200m), Nwachukwu (400m), Schembera (800m), Nytra (100m hurdles), Tilgner (400m hurdles), Krauel (Long Jump), Storl (Shot Put) and Münch (Discus Throw). A few others have still the chance as well.


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        yeah, could someone explain the German team selection process to me?

        I don't get it, they are hosting the WCs, so why not have guys like

        Unger (10.18, -2.5)


        Scwab (10.19 not sure the wind)

        both this year

        already on the team?

        yes, their chances of getting medals are next to zero, but they have both made the A standard with very respectable marks, and running in the Worlds in peak conditions gives Germany a chance to have these athletes hit top marks, with these 2 guys both maybe making the semifinals. if you make the semis, then you never know and maybe 1 guy sneaks into the finals.

        what the heck?

        I don't get it. Was the team announcement a kind of "selected so far" thing, and they will add members who demonstrate fitness/competiveness before the August 2 cut off?

        Again, how the hell do you not select a 100 meter guy to easily beats the A standard, running into a -2.5 at that, particularly when you are hosting the Worlds? wtf?


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          Again: They will be nominated. The reason, why they aren't already, is, because during this selection only those were nominated, who copmpletely fulfilled the German nomination criteria (with the exception of the ladies 4x4 relay, who didn't, but was nominated in spite of this). Unger, Schwab but also for example Sailer and Nytra didn't, because they ran the A-standards only once, while the DLV wanted the standards to be fulfilled twice in some disciplines, including the sprints.

          In the end, it doesn't really matter, because they will be nominated anyway. According to some reports, it even was already said during the press conference, that Nytra will be among the athletes nominated on August 2nd. It's just a formality. Frankly, I don't understand it either. IMO, it all just seems like some unnecessary bureaucracy, but you can expect all the athletes I mentioned in my post above to compete in Berlin. And very possibly a few more as well.


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            Originally posted by Neville L.
            Frankly, I don't understand it either. IMO, it all just seems like some unnecessary bureaucracy
            Not necessarily. In some cases they may want to keep the door open - if they nominate 3 people in a given event now, athletes who achieve better results in the coming 3 weeks, will be screwed out a place on the team.
            Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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              Björn Otto replaces Tobias Scherbarth in the men's pole vault competition. Scherbarth got a foot injury during the University games in Belgrad.