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is the demise of Regionals a done deal?


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  • is the demise of Regionals a done deal?

    Note from story on front page that next year's NCAA host, Oregon, feels confident enough that there are no Regionals that it has moved its graduation back to where it belonged, in anticipation of NCAA going earlier.

    I'm thinking that if Regionals are indeed dead, and they're going to move teh Nationals, why not move it two weekends earlier, to the old Regional spot, 2 weeks after Conferences?

    If this is indeed all about finances, and with so many schools now finishing in early/mid May, why not get it over and done with, not have to pay for kids hanging around campus any more than they have to?

    ps--the "conspiracy theorists" who say that the unworkable 2-Region plan was a Trojan Horse intended to cause the Regionals concept to blow up altogether may have a point.

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    Man I wish I had a answer for this whole ordeal. Alot of people have no clue as to whats going to happen. We are all just going to sit back and wait to see the final outcome.


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      Re: is the demise of Regionals a done deal?

      Originally posted by gh
      ps--the "conspiracy theorists" who say that the unworkable 2-Region plan was a Trojan Horse intended to cause the Regionals concept to blow up altogether may have a point.
      Me and MattM agree.


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        Gee, as someone who long ago adopted Oregon as my West Coast college track team, I was proud that that they were the one school that had their priorities straight, and had rescheduled their graduation ceremonies instead of doing the same to a track meet. Now I'm disappointed in them.


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          they should move nationals and confernences back to the old dates.

          BUT they will move nationals back just one week so that you can have conference, then of course the LAST CHANCE meet so everyone can shake up the descending order list, weekend off, then nationals.

          Just like indoor, all the poor souls that have run a high provisional time and think they are safe will have to roll the dice and either sit and wait or join all the schools with bottomless budgets heading off to time trial meets around the country on LAST CHANCE WEEKEND.

          But if I'd have to think if anyone has an inside scoop it would be Oregon. And if the President of the University announces a graduation date based on no regionals, I'd put some stock in that .

          This shows the root of the problem. The vast population of coaches around the country have very little successful communication in any direction with those who actually make the decisions.


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            I was very surprised when UO graduation was moved for the NCAAs. Graduation weekend is the biggest weekend in Eugene. UO has a new president as of July 8. He didn't take long to switch graduation back. Does it have anything to do with regionals?


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              Maybe this was a condition of Eugene offer to host NCAAs through 2015 (and beyond?)?


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                no way you can have both graduation and ncaas on same weekend. each event alone would take up all the hotel rooms, never mind combined.

                something is up.


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                  If regionals are gone (I hope and wish they'd try a three regional approach), then scheduling NCAA's six weeks after Penn/Drake would be best in the East - allowing league meets two weeks after Penn/Drake and IC4A/ECAC four weeks after Penn/ Drake. The NCAA's one week earlier (not two weeks earlier) in at least some calendar years.


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                    Spoke with an NCAA Track & Feild Executive Committee Conference Representative today. They have not discussed or voted on moving Nationals or eliminating Regionals. But I guess Vin, Sam, and Pat decided to make another change.


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                      If regionals do go the way of the Edsel, UO and Eugene hotels need to be prepared. Canceling or moving regionals earlier and then the NCAAs would leave UO graduation before final exams for no reason. I'm guessing they made a preemptive move.