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Athletics: Powell and Gay can't get Bolt out of their minds


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    [quote:rp2hx5d5]Should we mention that Bolt's race was at altitude and in July, and Tyson's was in May? Nah, better not.
    This a real bman analysis. :lol:
    With all the wind,rain and cold, altitude was more than equated for. Why is it only now that altitude has been brought in to analyse a result in Lasaunne. Why didn't you ever mention it when Carter's 200m prowess was always being hailed?[/quote:rp2hx5d5]

    That is actually a very good point, actually two good points. I just wanted to point out that, taking into account the wind, rain, and altitude, Bolt's time did not suggest 19.23 to 19.58 as some suggest.

    I am just trying to protest outside the church of Bolt as opposed to starting a church of Tyson. All of this is funny because I am normally a bigger Asafa fan, and controversially hold that he has a real good chance of beating Bolt in the hunnit as opposed to Tyson in the 2. I have to hold my tongue now though as I am waiting for him to return to fitness.

    As for the X-man, I am a bigger fan than anybody, but I must admit you are partially right. The only thing I would say is that an awful lot of very good sprinters have ran in Lausanne and only 1 one has turned in a faster time.


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      Originally posted by Sportsfanx1
      Originally posted by Speedfirst
      jamaicantrackfan.....took the article and ran a muck with it
      There were otther comments, from other athletes, not related to Bolt or sprinting.

      jamaicantrackfan, now we know ...ALL YOU DO IS THINK ABOUT BOLT 24/7..doesn't mean everyone does

      I think it's fair to say...the Journalists were thinking the same thing also.

      I really think Gay is starting to sound like Dwain Chambers. He mentioned in an interview on NBC while at US Trials, that he can run 9.5 :shock: if that what it will takes to beat Bolt in Berlin. He is clearly talking out of his mind and trying to make his mind prepare, but that is absurd when I heard him said that. Maybe playing the video game 'Chasing Bolt', he did that, but I will EAT 10 freaking FROGS and signed over the title to my car to a stranger if that happen in my life time!!

      Just curious. What kind of car?

      Asafa needs to get his darn head together and focus on saving face in this World Championships really. Needs to focus and running a proper race in a Major Final.. start by aiming for atleast a sub 9.90 and getting a Silver medal, which I think will do him a lot in the confidence department moving forward to future Major Championships.