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2009 Golden Gala mLJ (Dwight Phillips 8.61m/28-3)


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    Rule 185

    "touches the ground beynd the take-off line" - breaking the plane is not a foul - how he did not touch beyond!!


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      Originally posted by dal4018
      Originally posted by "TrackGuy#1":2jec0fee
      Originally posted by dal4018
      Trackguy what is Brian Johnson's problem he fouled on his last two attempts this guy has some much potential????????
      Yes he does have a ton of potential, but he doesn't have a ton of confidence. Its hard to be confident when you have guys jumping 8.50-8.60 on a constant basis. He has jumped against Phillips 3 times this year and each time Phillips has jumped 28ft+. Its a unfortunate situation at this point, he needs to go to a few meets that doesn't consist of 8.50 jumpers, so he can get a couple wins and a little confidence. I'm not saying run from a challenge, but he needs some type of confidence going into World Champs.
      WOW okay but I would have thought he would have joined the 28-ft club already maybe he needs a new coach????He jumped a pr of 27-11 recently at the nationals thought he was on his way.
      I'm not so sure about him jumping 27-11, he jumped 27-1 I believe. I believe he does have the potential to eventually jump 8.50 or better, and maybe he does need to switch coaches, only he knows what he must change....Right now I'm concerned with Saladino, he hasn't been performing very well. Bayer is a huge question mark, the Australian who jumped 28ft wind aided has a lot of pop he can make things very interesting, Mokena is very smooth but I hope he hasn't peaked too early. Phillips is a force to be reckoned with, he has jumped 28ft 5 times this yr
      Only time will tell if he eventually breaks the WR, he has the potential just like the rest of these guys, but he has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in Track and Field and for that reason I would be my money on him if I had to.[/quote:2jec0fee]Okay I thought I heard Dwight Stones mentioned Johnson jumped a pr of 27-11 at the nationals but your right he's got 8.50 in him because he's got 10.2 100m speed to back him up.