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Who would be your top 4 for the USA 4x100 men's realy team.


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  • Re: US men's 4x100

    Originally posted by Rustyjaguar
    Thanks for update on X . Unfortunate , X has so much potential. I would go Crawford, Patton, Tyson, and Rogers in that order. If Walter is running wel then you put him in for Crawford or Rogers. What if Wallace runs some good times in the deuce in Europe. Could see a team of Dix, Wallace, Gay, and Patton too. I would rather have Ivory williams than Padgett( remids me of Leonard Scott too much, ties up really bad., ) and Rae Edwards.
    I also think Ivory WILLIAMS is among the 4 most consistent US sprinters
    today; considering the shape of the moment, he should make the team.


    • [quote=track_expert][quote=scratchman]
      Originally posted by "track_expert":3or9ri6b
      Originally posted by scratchman
      Originally posted by "track_expert":3or9ri6b
      Originally posted by scratchman
      Somebody said Powell would catch whoever's in front of him.
      :shock: :roll:
      As long as Powell can see his opponent, that opponent has a chance to win.
      He aint catching Gay or Doc Patton...or Rodgers, if theyre out like '07.
      It works by the splits and whats expected, In 07/08 powell was on race 17 in the 4x1 finals, 18th's been the magic number for him and this year he'll reach race 20, definitely in his maximum peak zone. If he splits a 8.6x final leg, and Patton is 1 meter infront and splits a 8.9x, is powell not going to catch him? Dont forget Bolt is the fastest bend runner...
      Im not comfortable giving Bolt "the fastest" bend. I'd say he and Gay are pretty even. I wouldnt give either an edge on the other. And as for Powell, what was his split in the 07 World's?
      Well Bolt did have the fastest bend split ever in the 4x1 last year, can you really argue with that? No one says there's a world of difference between them, but in a sport where hundreths of a second mean something, it applies here.

      He split a high 8.7x and last year split a 8.72 i believe.
      He made up what looked like 2/3 meters, by quick visual looks anyway.
      He may have had the fastest bend split becuz Tyson didnt run.
      And if Powell hit 8.7 high in 07 AND COULDNT PASS DIXON, how can you be certain he'll catch Patton/Rodgers?[/quote:3or9ri6b]

      I dont see what your arguement is here, that Gay is a better bend runner than Bolt? What about Osaka's bend vs. Biejing's bend? We're talking about the fastest EVER recorded split, not just one championship.

      Because the gap was too big!! Powell would need to split 8.5x to catch Dixon!![/quote:3or9ri6b]
      And since Rodgers and Patton both are faster than Dixon was, he'd STILL need to. And as for Gay and the bend, Tyson was even faster in 08 than 07(just like Bolt), so you still dont know if Gay wasnt the better bend runner.