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NCAA champ Jonathan Borlee out of Worlds


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    Originally posted by kamikaze7
    Most elite athletes who make enough money in their careers probably dont need any further education.
    Most elite track athletes don't make enough money that they can just sit down after retiring from athletics and live comfortably without working, or with working only in low-skilled jobs.
    Also theres nothing to stop a runner from pursuing an education while running professionally. See Alison Felix, Shaquille O Neal, Vince Carter et al.
    It's difficult enough that very few can or will actually do it successfully.


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      I don't think the Borlee twins are at FSU primarily for the education. They can get a good and affordable university education in Belgium or elsewhere in Europe. They're at FSU for the experience of living in the US (and warm sunny Florida), and happen to be getting an education in the process.


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        Originally posted by sprintblox
        I don't think the Borlee twins are at FSU primarily for the education.
        Education doesn't happen just in the classroom. They definitely are here for the education.


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          Perhaps not surprisingly, twin brother Kevin now also out of action with stress fracture in foot (albeit the other one). Needs to carry cast for 6 weeks so season's over.
          Source: ... 082009_041 (in Dutch)


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            I don't see Jonathan Borlee listed on the FSU roster. Kevin is. Has Jonathan turned pro? Is he still running for FSU?


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              Re: NCAA champ Jonathan Borlee out of Worlds

              Jonathon definitely turned pro while his brother stayed at FSU. So far it would seem that Jonathon is faring better than his brother, the guy ran 44.99 and 20.90 in the 400 and 200 Budapest. He hasn't run much 400's and I think he will probably pb this year from what I am noticing. He has already PB'd in the 200 this year.

              I wonder if his brother is going to follow in his footsteps especially seeing that next year is a championship year and the build up to the Olympics starts from then.