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What is up with Ryan Wilson, 110 hurdles?


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  • What is up with Ryan Wilson, 110 hurdles?

    What is going on with Ryan Wilson?

    A) Why is he running so poorly with such consistency?

    B) Why do European meet directors keep giving the guy lanes in major competions?

    He's consistently running 14.0s.

    That's not good enough even for the smaller meets like Liege, Reims, Hechtel, etc.


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    I had the pleasure of getting to know Ryan last year and he is a great guy. That being said I too am shocked he continues to get a lane in these prestigious meets.

    Ryan is taking 8 strides to the first hurdle which is a real detriment; a fundamental mistake but one that can be easily fixed.
    He needs to reverse his starting position-right foot forward, left leg back and in a more elongated position than he currently uses (he is too bunched)and work on taking longer strides to the hurdles-7 strides not 8.
    He clobbers the first hurdle in most races, loses momentum, and it is game over.


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      Wilson's apearances in these GL and Super GP meets serves as a reminder to us of the sham that is the IAAF showcase events. He will, if he has not already, continue to rack up points all the way to the World Athletic finals. Kind of reminiscent of Jackie Edwards in the long jump of a few years back.


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        It always amazes me how so many meet promoters just base their acceptance on an athlete's PR. Not to single out Wilson, but since he has run 13.02, he's going to get into a lot of meets.

        This year, he also had an early 13.21 (at Drake), so I imagine this showed enough fitness to get into the pre-Nationals meets in Europe. He then ran 13.21 in Berlin, which I imagine was good enough to confirm him for the July meets. And once you're confirmed, it's very bad form to be taken off a confirmed list.


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          yeah, don't mean to beat up on Wilson. Wish the guy the best of success.

          And, it's true, he's got a world elite PR and he did run 13.21 early, which is clearly a strong, world class mark.

          but, since then, he has struggled. he didn't do well at U.S. Nationals and he's been running 13.7 -- 14.0 in Europe ever since.

          is he injured or something?

          I know that in an event like the 110s if you've got an injury, or something is really off technically and you get out of sync, it's better to take a step back - rest a few days, train hard a couple weeks, then come back out and try to execute a better race.

          the 110s are such a groove event, that once you lose your groove it's hard to get it back if you are racing every few days or every week.

          On another note: speaking of struggles, poor Ladji Daucoure, he has looked shaky for a while now. It's too bad he's had a lot of injuries, but he is also just technically out of sorts. His hurdling mechanics are terrible compared to someone like Trammel.

          For that matter, where is Trammel? Are we going to see him in a few Euro races before Berlin?


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            I want to know how a 13'02 guy doesn't have a sponsor?


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              Originally posted by 3a
              I want to know how a 13'02 guy doesn't have a sponsor?
              He doesn't?