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Bolt has already won the worlds


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  • Originally posted by Sportsfanx1
    Originally posted by Speedfirst
    Originally posted by Sportsfanx1
    It would be cool to see all three take part in Commonwealth Games next year. Blake definately should go and gain experience on the senior level in competing in the 100m at the Games. Next year, there might be the Caribbean Games also, which would be nice for the people of the region. I think JAAA really should focus on those meets, rather than doing that Nonsense Dual meet crap....that was only purposed in the first place to feed EGOS.
    You just had to add that and since you did, maybe you need a history lesson on dual meets, how old are you?

    Just who''s ego might you be speaking of? Because isn't Jamaica suppose to destroy the U.S. so how again would ego apply here?
    Please, at OLYMPICS AND WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in front of the WHOLE WORLD!! Not in no BullCrap Duel meet, nonsense. I hope the Jamaican Athletes ran on the circuit and take part at Commonwealth games than ...running BullCrap race. Can they look themselves in the mirror and really convince themselves it was worthwhile, if God Forbid anyone of them get injury doing that nonsense?'re the one who interjected the dual meet in this thread, you talking about that or not?
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