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Gay injured?


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    There is an indication Mr. dakota that the conspiracy theory is over the top, though the thought is enchanting. The article may have been written by an intern who didn't verify the facts before it went to press. Favorably to Track & Field News this error can be corrected before the article is read by more subscribers to this bulletin board and the intern can take better care of the statistics the next time he converts facts into a story.
    Fire Impossible.


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      Blimey they must put a lot of trust in these interns, keeping them around so long and putting them in charge of those big books. I hope he's getting paid travelling expenses and that somebody buys him a sandwich once in a while to show appreciation for his efforts and the fact he still bothers to come in.


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        Tyson Gay Injury status can be found on the T&FN homepage. I'd provide the link but I don't know how.

        I have SO much to say on this issue. I'll try to reduce it to a poignant few comments:

        1. After reading the article, I feel relatively relieved about Gays status. This groin pain problem probably won't mess with him at this Worlds. We should see a full go Bolt/Gay battle here.

        2. Tyson Gay most likely has what is commonly known in the US as a "sports hernia". The fact that he's had it for years already ups the chance of the groin going bad on him surprisingly quick. However, the fact that he's already run what he's run this year means his body will probably hold up for the remainder of this season and be capable of multiple full go performances in Berlin.

        3. I know which doctor he probably saw in Munich. She's considered in Europe to be the groin pain guru, as well as the whole world (she's lesser known overall in the US though). Tyson's camp probably is considering a surgery option after the season with her (based on what Mr. Wetmore says at the end of the article).

        4. This groin issue, surgery or not, is probably most disturbing for Gay not this year but beyond this season. I have A LOT to say about sports hernias. I'm sure he's getting a lot of people talking in his ear....but I wish I could (or someone like me) honestly contact Gay after this season and confer with him. He could probably use some of my advice and experience, and from a selfish standpoint I would love to see the options an athlete of his stature is getting for my own benefit, as well.

        I think he (and us fans) are safe for this year (assuming his hammy is fine). Course anything can happen when you are running that fast/training that hard, but things are within reason to expect to see a great Bolt/Gay showdown.

        Sports hernias are becoming a HUGE issue in sports. The sports med field needs to really figure this out.


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          Wow I never considered making a diagnosis from a press release before. I bet Tyson could do with my help too. Where do I sign up?


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            I know what you are thinking, dakota. I could be COMPLETELY in left field.

            But I have experience here. And it doesn't take much to see a quick pattern. Groin pain over a series of years....seeing a Munich doctor....if you are in the know then it doesn't take a genius to figure this stuff out.


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              Be a darling and perform surgery on that lengthy URL would you Bluequiet, old chap? The thread has developed a bit of a tumour under your aegis, but it's easily excised and the prognosis looks good!


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                I just got rid of the link. If I knew how to use it or figure out how to properly post workable links, I'll edit it again to make it work.


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                  Tyson can't be injured. I just read on the Track and Field News homepage that he dropped his two hundred metres dash time by a whole second over night, and into the bargain he improved his American record in the hundred metres dash by two one hundredths of a second too! Tyson is clearly healthy and must be in the shape of his life to record these marvellous achievements! Clearly it was all a conspiracy by agents of Usain Bolt.


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                    I've worked with athletes who've had sports' hernias and the funny things is I have been dealing with the injury myself for nearly 6 months. I'm still as active as I was before I was injured, and even though I feel the problem (especially when I stretch) when I play soccer or run really hard, it hasn't affected my performance. And as of now (knock on wood) it hasn't gotten worse. Now obvisouly Gay is "active" on a completely different level, but it sounds like he has been dealing with the problem for some time. Sounds like they are going to repair it after the track season (hopefully not after the Worlds).

                    I've had athletes play/run an entire season with this injury without is causing much of an issue. I've also had a few that have aggravated the injury to the point that they've needed immediate surgery to fix it. If it is a Sports Hernia injury, I have no idea how the doctor can say that by running as much as he will (9 races possibly in Berlin) that he won't aggravate it to the point where it will affect his performance. It definitely could, but I sincerly hope that it doesn't.

                    Honestly, this is the "out" Tyson fanatics were hoping for. If he upsets Bolt "see, we told you he could do it." If he loses "but he wasn't completely healthy.'

                    This sucks.


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                      He is not seeing the doctor you think. From what I recall, he is seeing a guy in Munich (Wolfhart sp.) that has done work with him for a good amount of time now and is well known for his "unique" methods in rehabilitation. Your situation is much different and involves a lot of mishaps on all sides rather than simply pulling some muscles.


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                        I figure it will only affect his time by about 2 or 3 tenths.


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                          Re: Gay injured?

                          Originally posted by gh
                          I haven't seen it, but reliable source says that Ato Boldon (himself reliable) is reporting on his Facebook page that Gay has a groin injury.
                          So in essence, this would be inadmissible court on the grounds of it being "hear-say"?


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                            OK, Marlow. I'm familiar with that entity as well, but have no experience with him. I do think I remember reading they are both in Munich, though, so that makes sense.

                            I remember reading an article about a gentleman in Europe who does a lot of wierd/interesting things to get people to heal faster from sports injuries.

                            I'm pretty confident this injury issue isn't going to be a problem for Tyson Gay at Worlds. I'm still concerned, though, about a consistent groin problem thats hung with him for years. He might want to go see the other lady, also, just in case. REALLY, he should just call me.....ha.

                            I hate my life.


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                              Damn! This is bad news. No other way to put it.

                              Let's hope Gay can fight through this and maintain his high level of fitness until WC's.

                              I don't want Berlin to be a predictable one-man show....


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                                Originally posted by TrainerPhil
                                Honestly, this is the "out" Tyson fanatics were hoping for. If he upsets Bolt "see, we told you he could do it." If he loses "but he wasn't completely healthy.'
                                Exactly, even though he has run those great times this year with the existing condition.

                                "It's really more of an annoyance than an injury," Wetmore said. "More something that he has to manage in training than an injury that affects his racing. It's been developing for a long time over a period of years and recently it's gotten worse. Tyson saw a doctor who's a specialist in that area in Munich and the determination was that it's something he can wait till after the season to deal with.

                                Why the heck didn't they do something about it after Beijing??? What kind of management is that?

                                Dreams of Berlin with the top three healthy just keep fading. First Asafa is running on one good leg, now Gay is running with an "annoyance" that he has apparently had for years.