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Asafa Powell: "My ankle is ready for sub 9.80"


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    Tammy, I'm thinking that the choice to push this year rather than rest, is because it might be the last championship year in which Asafa is still one of the big dogs. 2011 is a long ways off, and he can't assume he'll be a contender then.


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      I can see that point too, but like I said, push him at what cost????
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        Originally posted by Tammy_Baby
        As toyracer says, Asafa is running injured and it's now starting to affect his form and take a toll on his body, specifically his legs, knees, etc., all because he using one leg to overcompensate for another...My thing is, if he and his team knows this, how hard is it to rest him for a season, properly rehab him and let him come back ready to go the following year???? Is it being greedy? Because no good can come from this...Pressure breaks pipe, and as the human body goes, it takes what you give until it can't take anymore and then it just gives out...who knows what the real extent of his injuries are, because he says he is and still come out running competitvely... I think they all need to exercise common sense in regards to him, or as some say, he may just be playing possum, but he can only do that for so long 8-)
        Its hard to tell how bad it is, but if its really that bad, why so many races in such a short time? 5 100m runs in 2 weeks previously, but money also has to do with it.
        He'll have time later to rest and recover after berlin, so he can defend his commonwealth gold next year :lol:


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          right now asafa looks like a well beaten 6th. unless he changes switches bodies with bolt lol !!!


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            Re: Asafa Powell: "My ankle is ready for sub 9.80"

            Originally posted by track_expert
            Originally posted by Tvarish
            Originally posted by TrainerPhil

            The headline reads "British Sprinters Lazy - Powell," however he does say in the interview twice that his ankle is ready for something under 9.80 on Friday night in London. He also said that there is no superman running sprints and that Bolt is not unbeatable. Good confidence coming from him.

            I like the attitude Asafa. I hope you back up your talk and run 9.7X.
            Yea, what is his head ready for?? It's never been a question of his talent. Just his ability to put it all together at the biggest meets. My prediction - No medal at 100 for him in Berlin assuming no big names get injured.
            If he runs two 9.7s and goes into worlds and goes through the rounds easily, you dont think he'll be MORE confident than before? Ever run a 9.7 before a championship? Ever been 100% physical prepared? Dont think so.
            Obviously neither I, nor anyone else posting here, has ever run a 9.7 100 which, as best as I can read, was not the point of the post. Do I think he will be MORE confident IF he runs 2 9.7's and then goes through the rounds easily? What would make anyone think he is ready to do that? Come on, be honest with yourself, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THIS TIME HE IS GOING TO DO SOMETHING SPECIAL IN BERLIN? Sure, he may, but I am basing my opinion not on I thinks and maybes but what he has done in the past. And that tells me, no chance. Did you see his run in London Fri.? Classic Powell quitting!! I rest my case.