Ohhhhhh my. there they go again (ronald reagan)...we have the LA Times Sports Page honoring a drug lord in baseball..."manny" front page.

Another pro athlete busted for drug use is memorialized national media.

In the meantime, in the meantime, against my long time friend flo jo....we as media smirk and question her great records versus never testing positive...we defame her, we question her in death, yet we buy:

manny bobbing heads
manny wigs
manny jerseys

Maybe it is time for USA track and field to step up. Learn marketing. The first start is to join www.prnewswire.com and issue bi weekly releases.

Next for Logan at USA track is to start kids blogs with major athletes...give and take the beauty of running beyond high school...

Next for USA track and field is to take on the NCAA and fight for one scholarship per event in mens track and field.....rumor has it right now that UCLA is considering dropping mens track.....

so boys...you can sit there with your cronus stopwatch.....old shorts...musty t...or you can start moving in the right direction and that is 16 meets in the USA with a mandate of 20,000 per meet....

RHB a factor