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'09 London GP w800


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    Maggie Vessey

    I'd hope that USATF team leaders would encourage Ms. Vessey to keep running. At this time IAAF may not have enough 800m runners with the"A" standard to fill the lanes for the first of its three rounds at Berlin --
    in part because some "A" runners, such as Anna Willard, will pass on 800m to compete in a different event.

    Vessey, who has won some big races this year is only 1/25 of a second away from that 2:00 "A" standard.

    The IAAF Qualifying language seems to offer further encouragement for USATF to enter both Hazel Clark and Maggie Vessey:

    Each Member is entitled to enter two, three or four athletes per event, as follows:
    - 1, 2, 3 or 4 athletes with "A" standard;
    - 1 athlete with the "B" and 1, 2 or 3 athletes with the "A" standard;
    in both cases a maximum of three athletes will be allowed to compete.

    (I admit that language /wording for rules of athletic governing bodies may sometimes be imprecise, if not misleading. I don't know if that's so for the content quoted above.)


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      The USA can enter Clark (who has the A qualifier) and one B qualifier. But I don't see how they could enter Vessey ahead of the two B qualifiers (Gall and Wright) who beat her in the Nationals.