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'09 London GP w1500


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    Pathetic job by Johnson. She should give back her cheque.
    Dobriskey getting back to form but still an awful tactician. Im really perplexed that Thomas is going to Berlin leaving Twell or England at home. I would definitely send England, for the simple fact that she has a finish. She was sub 2 minutes in Leira, she beat Twell here and she was right up there following a great kick. If you have a kick in the 1500 you can win, never mind medal. They're not going to pick her over their darling Twell, however. Are they? :cry:

    The other thing about England that is annoying me, she ran 2 or 3 800m races this year. Each one was faster than ever....she went sub 2 mins in a 12 athlete race where they started n a curve. I honestly think she'd do better than perhaps all of the Brit 800 gals in Berlin. It's just a hunch. But I guess we'll never know.


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      Originally posted by sprintblox
      From I saw the slow pace I knew Anna Willard would win. None of the Europeans or Americans can handle her finishing kick.
      Willard may not even have the fastest sprint to be honest. I reckon Dobriskey is faster, but Anna is a racing genius. She has such a great racing head. You can't buy that savvy! Definite danger come worlds.


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        The ladies have to go through three rounds at 1500 meters in Berlin. I suspect that will affect the kickers a bit.


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          Forum folks who laud Willard's kick are correect.

          1100 Stephanie TWELL GBR 3:07.42
          1500 Anna WILLARD USA 4:07.95

          3a said it nicely: "Anna is a racing genius. She has such a great racing head. You can't buy that savvy."