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No Jamaica in London 4X100?


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    Originally posted by rasb
    Originally posted by Infama
    Originally posted by rasb
    Originally posted by gh
    Originally posted by Sportsfanx1
    Still not sure if Jamaica make qualifying time. Maybe the qualifying time is already met, because there is no rush to get a team on the track...
    '08 marks count... i suspect the World Record will slip them in, just under the wire.
    '08 marks count in some countries, Canada not being one of them.
    Does Jamaica allow '08 marks ?
    It is the IAAF qualifying period that counts, not national rules!
    Obviously, you don't live in Canada....2008 performances, while completely acceptable to the IAAF, do not count for selection to the Canadian team...
    So if you were a Canadian, and made the standard last year, you are out of luck...And a few other countries have the same idea...which is why I asked about Jamaica...
    When we talking about qualifying times.. We are talking about the World Standard that IAAF set and each country have to have that time in order to compete in the World Championships.


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      Originally posted by krip2nite
      Originally posted by toyracer
      I do not see the point of running a Racers relay team at this point of the season. Rather, I see it as an opportunity wasted, an opportunity to see how a new team-mate may affect the chemistry of the WR team.

      The relay is one event in which practice definitely helps. Jamaica has not had a great record of baton exchanging at the last two WC's. It needs to be seen how a Frater to Blake to Bolt to Asafa combo (or any variation) would work.
      Pending the outcome of the stimulant situation Blake will not be running
      Rightfully so, he is not going to BERLIN. How can he do that stupid sh!t!

      You tell me getting $1,000,000 US over five years. round out to be $250,000 a year, and you can't find a nutritionist in Jamaica where the dollar is atleast $90 to $1, to help you plan a balance meal/diet? You drinking supplements... that have link in the past to turn up positive tests in all sports. There is NO excuse!!

      I'm off to my bed. This is outrageous!! NO EXCUSE!!