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fast miles vs junk miles


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    Re: fast miles vs junk miles

    >>Maybe you know he is a 31 guy!

    Which I see that he was a few posts down.
    >Although, there is a reasonably big difference between 30 and 31 minutes
    >especially looking at it from the slower end. I find that schedule hard to
    >believe too. Although I've heard many a person say that they did 100 miles a
    >week and it turns out that they just hit it a couple of times once you actually
    >review their logs. Maybe he did a week like that once although I was a 31
    >minute guy and can't relate to it.

    i can give you an explanation which might be satisfying for my 10k, might not be. I ran 30:48 on a measured 10k cross-country course (illinois) my freshman year. I've never run a 10k on the track, although, when I was in peak shape, the guys who trained around me raced in the 29:10 to 29:55 range. I figure I would probably be on the higher end of that, possibly even a shade over 30 (based somewhat on a 14:17 5k pr).

    I agree that those times aren't stellar when you consider the pace at which I would run, but I was always the type of guy who'd leave most of it in the workouts and on the road (unfortunately).


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      Re: fast miles vs junk miles

      >Regarding secondary workouts. I also believe there is value to them as long as
      >they aren't overdone. And, 5k guy listed a nice schedule from Shorter. However,
      >it should be kept in mind that a schedule like this is for a physically mature
      >athlete - and, as 5k guy noted, a 10k runner or marathoner. IMO - this much
      >running for a high school kid is too much.

      Good caution. I'll remind the high school and college crowd among us (as the original poster pointed out) that Shorter's schedule was for a road runner who trained the same year round, with room for tapering/peaking for important marathon races (hence the higher mileage maintence; as far as speed and races, pretty much anything is good for a marathon down the road). This is not a seasonal schedule, with purely base, competitive and peaking phases, which is generally better for the HS and College team situation.
      I could see Shorter's schedule being adapted to a summer mileage build-up...cut the overall mileage per session (and then build up weekly) and rev down the faster intensity.