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Have Blake and company qualified for the WC?


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    Blake should have been especially careful. He just signed a decent contract. I hope he doesn't get dropped. All those guys needed was a plate of green bananas and yellow yams. Then take a b-complex vitamin and they would have all the energy neeeded.


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      Blake's only value to the team in Berlin is on relays, and he may not be needed anyway.

      To send the right message, Blake and the others need to left in JA.


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        We will know in a few days. Everything need to be done by Thursday.

        I really think the decision is already made, on their fate. Only a Negative B sample will give them a thin chance, because JAAA still cannot let them go, even with a negative B sample.

        My gut feeling is that they will not go, even if the B sample is negative, and rightfully so.


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          Originally posted by Sportsfanx1
          Only a Negative B sample will give them a thin chance, because JAAA still cannot let them go, even with a negative B sample.

          You want the JAAA to deny the five their spots on the team for Berlin if the B samples all come back negative? Are you aware that if the B sample comes back negative it negates the result from the A sample test?

          The IAAF is specific in stating:

          32.2.(ii) sufficient proof of an anti-doping rule violation under Rule 32.2(a) is established by either of the following: presence of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers in the Athlete’s A Sample where the Athlete waives analysis of the B Sample and the B Sample is not analysed; or, where the Athlete’s B Sample is analysed and the analysis of the Athlete’s B Sample confirms the presence of the Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers found in the Athlete’s A Sample.

          In other words, there is no doping violation unless the B sample is also positive, or the athlete forgoes the testing of the B sample. The B sample test has to reinforce the A sample test; if not, the A sample test finding in invalid. A positive A sample finding is not enough.

          You want to condemn all five even if their B samples are negative; what happened to playing by the rules?

          Examples of athletes who were erroneously sanctioned when A samples were positive, only to be reinstated when the B samples were negative:

          Yudelquis Contreras

          Bernard Lagat Lagat threatened a lawsuit after the ordeal and the IAAF completely exonerated him.

          The Lagat case in particular is one the JAAA show heed: if Lagat's Federation had not leaked the news of the A positive his name would never have been dragged through the mud. The JAAA has a massive information leak, which is itself a violation of IAAF anti-doping rules.

          To counter your assertion re: the B sample negative: it would not give them a "thin chance", it would wipe their records clean.