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    Originally posted by TrackDaddy
    If you can type in key words to search for it in Google, why cant you just type the web address into the browser?

    Too hard to remember? :P
    In google it used to be that you could search for "track field" and TFN would be the top site. Better, there would be about six or eight links to subpages, one being the message board. I'm sure there are many other ways to get there, that was the way i tended to do it.

    I should emphasise that I only do this on campus terminals, not my own computer. Tandfman, believe it or not, I have figured out how to use a bookmark on my browser. :wink:


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      I use Google to type trackandfieldnews in at work. I"ve noticed this page not being number one the last couple days.

      I don't like to type it in on the address line at work because we have nosy people that share computers and they can see where you've been too easily.


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        Suffice it to say, it's not our fault, and we're moving heaven and earth (we just need to find a longer lever) to get it fixed asap. It's as high priority as items come. But as Ben noted, we're at the mercy of a higher power.

        Even if Google HQ is only a couple of miles from our office!


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          Surprisingly quick work by Google folks. We're back in the search results. Thanks for your patience.


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            Any idea why it happened? Did you accidentally do something to block the google bots from crawling the site?


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              Google seems to be misplacing things lately.

     ... story.html
              Google Earth loses Olympic skating oval