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  • Tallinn

    1. Christian Olsson 17.65m WL
    1. Patrik Kristiansson 5.73m SB.
    1. Kajsa Bergqvist 1.97m
    1. Jenny Kallur (60m) no time available yet.

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    Re: Tallinn

    Holm is still competing in the high jump, and Susanna Kallur is in the 60m hurdles.


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      Re: Tallinn

      I typed "17.65 meters to feet" into Google and presto, it converted it for me (in decimal) - looks to be 57'10.75 rounded. (My T&FN conversion book is at home)

      Learn sumpin new every day.


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        Re: Tallinn

        Cool. Let s hope Holm can clear 2.40m soon!


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          Re: Tallinn

          Joachim Olsen - 21.63m in the SP!!! His full series was:



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            Re: Tallinn RESULTS

            1. Susanna Kallur 7,88 PR hurdles
            2. Jenny Kallur 8,05 PR

            2. Marina Kuptsova 1,91, (high jump).

            1. Holm 2,33m (very near 2,40m again)!

            1. Jenny Kallur 7,37 60 open

            Olsson: I jumped really well today, actually. It is still not at maximum, but much fresher than in the earlier competitions.


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              Re: Tallinn



              Triple Jump:
              1) Christian Olsson, Sverige, 17,65.

              Pole Vault:
              1) Patrik Kristiansson, Sverige, 5,73.
              2) Aleksander Averbuch, Israel, 5,68.

              Shot Put:
              1) Joachim B Olsen, Danmark, 21,63.
              2) Mika Halvari, Finland, 19,60.
              3) Taavi Peetre, Estland, 19,12.


              60 m:
              1) Jenny Kallur, Sverige, 7,37.
              2) Heidi Hannula, Finland, 7,38.

              60 m hurdles:
              1) Susanna Kallur, Sverige, 7,88.
              2) Jenny Kallur 8,05.

              High Jump:
              1) Kajsa Bergqvist, Sverige, 1,97.
              2) Marina Kuptsova, Ryssland, 1,91.


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                Re: Tallinn

                Epelle, do you happen to have the English translation from Stefan Holm's website? Just curious as to how he felt his jumping was tonight. Thanks!
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                  Re: Tallinn

                  From Stefan Holm's website:

                  (Translated to English)

                  25 feb 04

                  Jumping Gala Tallinn 2004
                  Tallinn/A, EST 233 indoors 1st Place

                  218 225 228 231 233 240
                  o o o xo o xxx

                  Back to Tallinn, and precisely as last year, it was time for a WC dress-rehearsal.

                  That time I won after a whole lot of pains and difficulty (inconvenience) - both the opening height (2,23m) and the winning height (2,34m) on the last attempt - and that was not without that I had a little nervous feelings when I climbed into the fieldhouse.

                  The feelings went from nervousness to tiredness when the competetion became even more delayed... everyone was warmed up and ready when it was time to stride onto the track for the opening height - and 1,5 hours later we finally got to come on to the arena.

                  So, I was quite good on dejection and had tired expressions when we finally started after a half-hours delay.

                  Anyway, I had a good opening height and chose to climb in at 2,18m. I succeeded in avoiding last years troubles and cleared on my first attempt without big problems.

                  Respectfully, Rybakov, Brayko, Frösen, Aleksejev and Voronin were still in the competition. At 2,18m, on the other hand, reigning Olympic champion Sergej Klyugin - who as recently as one week ago was taken off the Russian team to the indoor World Championships in Budapest - and home high jumper Rainer Piirimets were out.

                  With the bar up to 2,22m both I, Frösen, Brayko and Aleksejev passed. On the other hand, Rybakov made it over without any worries on his first attempt; Voronin hit the bar, but made it on his second attempt.

                  Up with the bar 3cm, and 2,25 was the next height.

                  Brayko and Rybakov made it over on their first attempts, while Voronin, Aleksejev and Frösen fouled – and my luck. Once again, a good jump, pushed well on the runway and flew over!

                  I began to feel like I really was in the competition and looked further to higher heights.

                  Remaining at 2,25m Frösen made it over in his second attempt before Aleksejev layed it down like never before, met the bar just right and cleared in his third attempt while the former World Champion and 2,40m-jumper Voronin finally had to surrender.

                  2,28m and the demolition was straight over before it was my turn. I pushed once again just like I had done at 2,25m, took off and lifted up. I relaxed probably a hundredth of a second too early and touched the bar lightly with my right calf, but it lay clear – and I had leashed the grip on the match!

                  Brayko, Frösen and Rybakov made it over on their second attempts – but at the indoor World Championship-qualifying height Estonias Aleksejev, despite a really good third jump, was defeated.

                  2,31m and fouls on Brayko – who jumped very well this far, Frösen – who mixed well and had fewer good jumps, and Rybakov – who looked approximately the same as usual...

                  My turn, and I promised myself not to make the same mistake as the height before - complete the jump and not be careless...I didn t complete the jump... I was careless... and the bar fell... I really was well over the bar, but with the outermost heel on my right shoe I poked the bar down.

                  Second round and a new foul by Brayko before Frösen made his life s jump and flew high over!!! A foul by Rybakov and I stood before a really important jump. Over, and I hold the lead, foul and I would be forced to clear one height further...I took the safe before the unsure and held focus the entire way and floated over!!

                  Third round, both of the Russians fouled out, which left Frösen and me alone together on the way toward heigher heights...

                  According to the schedule made in advance the bar should now go up to 2,34m, but for some unfathomable reason to me, it was only raised to 2,33m...

                  A foul by Oskari Frösen and my luck and chance to - in principle - conclude the match.

                  Pushed really well on the runup, met it just right on the jump and once again it took off... flew over and two jumps and fouls later by Oskari the title was secured.

                  All or nothing... up with the bar to 2,40m and...

                  The first [attempt] was not to be: missed on the runup and had already fouled on the way up.

                  The second attempt was in principle equivalent to the first and thus unsuccessful.

                  The third and final - this winter s fight attempt at the dream height - and good running the entire way to the bar, a really good plant on the runup, and for a hundredth of a second I thought that it was going to stay on...but a touch with the right hamstring and the day was just a little tainted, anyway.

                  So there was no 2,40m [clearance] today, either, but it was the seventh victory in seven attempts, the years seventh meet over 2,31m, and the 16th straight indoor victory whereby the last 14 all resulted in 2,31m or better.

                  And the winter s most important meet is in 10 days - may both of these sequences also survive that!!!

                  Jumping Gala Tallinn 2004


                  1 Stefan Holm SWE 233
                  2 Oskari Frösen FIN 231
                  =3 Pyotr Brayko RUS 228
                  =3 Yaroslav Rybakov RUS 228
                  5 Marko Aleksejev EST 225
                  6 Vyacheslav Voronin RUS 222
                  =7 Sergey Klyugin RUS 214
                  =7 Rainer Piirimets EST 214
                  9 Anton Gorjatchi EST 205
                  10 Andrei Marhel EST 205