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Loughborough today...


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  • Loughborough today...

    ...anyone got a link to the results ?

    I see Jessica Ennis set PBs in both the long jump and the shot...certainly the former was a BIG weak link, so good good news.

    I wonder if anymore ridiculously erroneous sprint times were set on the Loughborough track this year ?

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    Ennis' marks were 6.43m and 13.96m. Don't know of any other results just yet.


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      Both of which were PBs


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        Originally posted by Jon
        Ennis' marks were 6.43m and 13.96m. Don't know of any other results just yet.
        Wow, this is brilliant news. The LJ was always going to be the crucial event for Ennis (even more so if Fountain had qualified for Berlin). 6.2-6.3 is simply not going to be enough when Dobrynska can do 6.6+ (and Fountain even further) But this 6.43, on her new take-off leg, is great for Jess. She's still way down on what her speed and jumping ability suggest she can do (6.6+) but the nearer she gets to 6.5 and 14m the more chance she has of taking the gold! If she can reproduce the form she's shown all year and put it all together she's looking at getting near 6,800, let alone 6,700


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          Full Loughborough results here:
 ... EAPres.pdf

          It was pretty rainy, so the result aren't as good as last year, but still some quick sprint times including:

          Gibril Bangura (SLE) 10.09 / 1.9ms (nat rec)
          Harry A-A 10.18 / 1.0ms

          Laura Turner 11.32w / 2.7
          Abi Oyepitan 11.45w
          Kwakye 11.61w (finished sixth :?)

          Will Sharman 13.44 / 0.9ms and 13.39w

          Derval O'Rourke 12.90 / 1.1ms
          Sarah Claxton 12.95 / 1.1ms

          Ennis' series was: 6.22/-0.5, 6.43/0.4, 6.18/-0.5, 6.32/0.3, 5.93/-1.1, 6.36/0.3


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            Originally posted by Jon
            Gibril Bangura (SLE) 10.09 / 1.9ms (nat rec)
            His previous PB was 10.31 set 5 years ago, and guess what, it was in Loughborough, too :!: His previous SB was just 10.40.

            I wonder what Bolt would do on that track. 9.40, anyone? :roll:
            Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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              Great to see Oyepitan getting some races together. To be honest she would be worth taking the in the sprint relay team alot more than some of the other girls to be honest.....

              Dare we hope for a solid winters training behind her, and we might see her selected for individual 100m and 200m again


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                i'm disappointed about abi as well

                i understand why she wasn't picked but if we're going to pick anyika onora then abo deffo deserves a spot especially as she is only getting better

                of those available abi is 5th fastest, faster than anyika or jeanette and soundly beat joice at CP. it's a real shame she didn't have another week to be ready or couldn't get into some better races and the -wind was so strong at CP

                i deserve extra credit


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                  Abi did ok at CP but she's looking so slight lately, I'm not suprised she keeps picking up injuries. She looks more like an 800 runer then a sprinter.

                  Onuora has that decent time over 200 I suppose, so is showing strength. Maybe the selectors chose her coz she's completely the opposite of Abi ; with Onuora running down the back straight she's sure to cause a mini earthquake, hopefully enough to unbalance the other teams.