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Athlete payment system?


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  • Athlete payment system?

    In Grand Prix events, I assume athletes get paid appearance money, but do they also get paid for the position they finish?

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    Yes, there's 8-deep prize money. Golden League and Super GP pay at one rate, the plain-old GPs at a lower one. In each grouping there are also 3 levels of payment, based on how "important" the event is.

    Here's the ranges for this year for GL/SGP:



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      Thanks for that reply. Getting paid for the position you finish has all sorts of implications. In the Womens 800m race in Monaco the Jamaican ronner Sinclair threw away at least one place by slowing down approaching the line. How much did that cost her? Also, I wonder if some athletes "play safe" and runner for a position rather than really "gong for it" and possibly "blowing up". The Eurosport commentator covering the Monaco 800m race claimed that the two British girls were running a loser's race i.e. not going for the win; however, he did change his tune somewhat when the two women were found to record pbs.