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Why doesn't Canada send B standard athletes?


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    I think you may have misinterpreted my comments.
    I'm not saying we can't compete, of course we can. But basing funding and support for the different sports, as if they have an equal opportunity to "Own the Podium" is not an accurate means of measurement. That's my main point.
    And as for the "white" comment, that was not meant to be even vaguely racist.
    It's just noting that there are many sports, including several of the ones that Canada does well in, where the continents of Africa, South America (and Central America and the Caribbean), and most of Asia are not represented.
    So success in these sports, when achieved, is great of course, but it's only against about 20 % of the World. I hope that makes sense to you.
    Go Canada !


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      Originally posted by 7-sided
      At some point, it's not about development, it's about being malicious. You have to wonder how many potential finalists are being left home, and have been left home since the institution of this policy. :roll:
      Does anyone think it is important to send those who may medal in subsequent years? IMO being at the Worlds in 2009 sets you up for more success in 2011 and London.

      Also, I find it odd that one has to be a dues paying member of Athletics Canada to be listed on the seasonal Canadian athletes' track & field performance list. So, a Canadian citizen has to pay to be considered a Canadian athlete? Seems petty.

      Athletics Canada does not seem to appreciate their athletes . . . they do not validate their sacrifices.


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        rasb, I apologize for taking your comment out of context. I think we are on the same page for the most part.

        Go Team Canada!


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          Originally posted by bushop
          Athletics Canada does not seem to appreciate their athletes . . . they do not validate their sacrifices.
          Athletics Canada is about Athletics Canada and not the athletes. Everything they do makes perfect sense if one uses that as their frame of reference.



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            Cullman has it right. Since the late 1950's , Canada has been capricious related to their selections to international competition. If anyone remembers Ron Wallingford, he exemplifies how track and field athletes are treated.