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09 GN Gala 100mH: Lopes-Shliep 12.51


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    Originally posted by cacique
    you need qualifications to post here? heck, i have none and it never stopped me from saying something. and i'm sure i'm not the only one.

    i understand why mojo said it's a "crap snoot", and i think it's because there's not one athlete that is dominating over the others, they way liu xiang was for while, and dayron robles is now. the top women are not showing tremendous dominance, and there's also some inconsistency among them that makes it really hard to predict a winner. i mean, one day someone puts on a great race, and the next day, they hit a hurdle and finish 6th (e.g. powell). but why do you people think 8 or 9 women can win this thing in berlin? i think it's more like 5: mclellan, harper, lopes, foster-hylton and perry.
    I would add felicion to that list.


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      I agree, Lopes, McClellan, Perry, Harper, Felcien............ Look at Bejiing! No one really called any of the three medalists and it is a very valid point that no one has dominated the curcuit this year.


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        LOL about crap spoot (and any other variations I may have made). I had no idea until I read the last few posts. ops: ops: :P

        I can not type-some of my typos are legendary and pretty damn funny IMHO.

        It is also funny how many variations there has been on the spelling of McLellan around here.

        It is all good.

        I will change and change again my picks for the women's hurdle medallists.

        THIS event is what sport is all about. Can not wait!


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          has perdita won anything lately? i don't follow every meet, of course, so i haven't heard that she's been doing anything spectacular lately...


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            dn't werry aboot yer sellping. ye undiesrtod wou.