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  • 87 LJ Rome
    Was Myricks robbed in this competition? Watch the last jumps of this clip of Myricks and Evangelisti. They land in 2 separate areas of the pit yet the Italian is credited with a farther jump

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    Re: 87 LJ Rome

    He was robbed. ... /neb2.html

    On the last of his six attempts, Evangelisti's jump was measured at 27'6", surpassing American Larry Myricks's best jump by two inches for the bronze medal. However, coaches and journalists watching at the side of the long jump pit immediately suspected something was amiss.
    the director of the championships, Paolo Giannone, told an Italian coach who was suspicious of the long jump results, "You must understand, we were told that Evangelisti had to get a medal."Who had told Giannone that Evangelisti had to win a medal has never been established. No one ever charged Nebiolo with malfeasance in the affair, although every step of the way he denied that anything out of the ordinary had occurred.
    Nebiolo ignored the scandal, insisting that the long jump results were official and that only the IAAF had the right to investigate the affair. The Italian Olympic Committee eventually issued an 83-page report confirming that fraud had been perpetrated. Three FIDAL officials who worked the long jump were banned from the sport, and Luciano Barra, Nebiolo's assistant and secretary general of FIDAL, resigned from that organization for having conducted a shoddy initial investigation.
    But did eventually get his medal. ... 320518.ece

    Dishonest Italian officials, falsified the measurement of the best jump by Giovanni Evangelisti, a home competitor, to give him the bronze medal. Although the IAAF rejected an investigation in December, computer analysis published in the Italian media forced the IAAF to change the result in April 1988, awarding Myricks the bronze.


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      Thank you Daisy. I thought I was gong crazy. It is not even close when you look at the video on youtube. The markings on the side of the pit tell it all. I cannot believe they thought they could get away with such a blatant move. Our sport is no different from any other I suppose. A sad moment in track for sure.


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        Nebiolo was behind a fair bit of fraud. In 1994 he rigged the AOY contest so that Sally Gunnell would not win again, urging members (that had not yet voted) not to vote for the 'boring Englishwoman' (who had won). Surprise surprise - on a recount JJK was the victor.