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    Originally posted by JRM
    For the Left Coasters in the "States" (as those Canucks call it), it appears that Universal Sports will be showing live coverage. Or rather, it will be showing tape-delayed "live" coverage, which seems to follow 3 hours after the East Coast run.
    Tape delay? I think I'll pass!


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      Looks like the Versus network in the USA will have some coverage each day on the T.V. The OLN channel in Canada, which is part of the Versus network, and provided excellent Tour coverage every day, is not picking up the feed from Berlin, so far.
      I e-mailed OLN today, and threatened them... "If you don't pick up the coverage, I will cry !" I'll let you know if it works...


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        Originally posted by gh
        Originally posted by JWiz
        Same as Beijing. If I find a good stream, I'll send it to anyone who wants it. Can't put it on the forum. NBC got real gangsta in taking down a lot of streams across the internet. I felt like I was peddling a hot item off the black market. :?
        I believe NBC's "going gangsta" was a legitmate attempt to stop the stealing of their property.

        If you don't believe in property rights, then perhaps you won't mind posting your street address here, and while you're playing pirate we can just wander by and help ourselves to a few knick-knacks off your shelves that catch our fancy!
        It was streams from others countries. If the broadcasting network from Denmark took the stream out then I'd be all jolly good. NBC tactics were downright socialist!


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          First Day World Championships - Seattle TV Guide

          What's listed for Seattle (Pacific Time) Cable TV - Saturday, 15 August 2009

          1000-1200 NBC - World Champs (Live)
          1100-1200 CBUT - Track and Field, IAAF Champ
          1600-1800 Versus - IAAF World Championships
          2000-2200 Versus - IAAF World Championships

          CBUT is our link to Canadian TV.
          Seattle is 9 hours behind Berlin.
          I don't know yet if above listings are identical / repeat content.

          Thanks to JRM alert, I will monitor Universal Sports which I get through the air with "rabbit ears" and converter box. More later; stay tuned.


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            well bbc will have it on tv and online in the U.K. There is an easy way for guys/girls outside of the U.K to watch restricted streams. i watch U.S stuff all the time. if you want to pm me and il help you out