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So, anyone placing any bets this year?


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    Really annoyed because I'm sure I had money on Dominguez to win! At least she's in an accumulator which is halfway there (and Kozmus and Dominguez were the ones with the longest odds so fingers crossed!)


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      I was trying to plave a bet on Steffi Nerius on Sunday from my Blackberry. She was something like 12/1. For some reason it wouldn't go through so in a fit of pique I decided I was giving up on betting this year .

      Bad decision seeing as my other bet was going on Marte :x


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        You didn't bet on Marta?!

        Disgraceful...even I had money on her, and made her one of my central bets after you'd agreed with me!

        Though my £10 on Ohuruogo was the other :cry:


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          I didn't bet on her because it's really annoying and fiddly trying to do it in the stadium on a Blackberry when you can't log in and when you do it refuses to take your bets. I realised was spending more money in phone charges and calls to Ladbrokes on a mobile from Germany than I was likely to win so gave up :cry:


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            I Have a Rogowska - Nerius - Semenya - Rodriguez accumulator worth, 7'200 Euro! :shock: I think I have a chance. It cost me 2 euro.

            I was thinking, "Nerius surprised me in Goteburg, maybe she'll do it again".

            I had sop many accumulators nearly come through, but Vessey, Taylor, Majewski, TBO, Krivoshapka etc all killed me.

            The only real money that's been made so far was on Linet and Steffi.


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              I made £50 on Rogowska and £14 on Dominguez. If Crawford gets bronze I'll bag another £50.

              I've also put £2.78 in a four-folds bet. If any four of these five athletes win - Harper, Friedrich, Demus, Gomes, Harting - I'll get £1927 back :shock:


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                Jon - you have a better than good chance. Beers on you?


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                  Turns out I'd read it wrong. I'd get that return if all five win (which is still kinda possible). If only four win, the return would be less - but anything is a bonus as I've already broken even.


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                    Originally posted by Jon
                    If any four of these five athletes win - Harper, Friedrich, Demus, Gomes, Harting - I'll get £1927 back :shock:
                    Disappointing from Harper, but MY GOD THANK YOU HARTING!!


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             ... odium.html

                      Rodriguez at 7/1 to win a medal seems very reasonable.

                      I had money on Harting - but in accumulators which have royally failed


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                        I'm nicely up and my accumulators are both still in play

                        Dominguez- Demus- Chris Brown (Top 3)- Bolt- Felix


                        Semenya- Robles- Fraser- Thorkildsen-Bolt-Merritt-Vili

                        Not massive amounts if they win, but a couple of hundred or so each, so that'll do nicely. Bloody Robles is going to let the side down on the big one, though, I can feel it...