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¶’09 WC m1500: Yusuf Kamel (Bahrain) 3:35.93


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  • ¶’09 WC m1500: Yusuf Kamel (Bahrain) 3:35.93

    1. Asbel Kiprop (Kenya) ...................3:31.20 (’09)
    2. Mehdi Baala (France) ...................3:28.98 (’03)
    3. Augustine Choge (Kenya) ............3:29.47 (‘09)
    4. Bernard Lagat (USA) ....................3:26.34 (’01)
    5. Haron Keitany (Kenya) .................3:30.20 (’09)
    6. Deresse Mekonnen (Ethiopia) .....3:33.28 (’09)
    7. Tarek Boukensa (Algeria).............3:30.92 (’07)
    8. Juan Carlos Higuero (Spain) .......3:31.57 (’06)
    9. Bilal Mansour Ali (Bahrain) .........3:31.49 (’07)
    10. Abdelaati Iguider (Morocco) ......3:31.88 (’08)

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    Baala will FINALLY get his long awaited success


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      Originally posted by Javelin-dave
      Baala will FINALLY get his long awaited success
      Nope, Kiprop gets his gold that he should have earned last year. :wink:


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        Surprisingly little chatter given the heats are in 2 hours.

        The heats are pretty evenly matched based on just time, but vary in experience.

        The first heat is tough with Baala, Iguider, Ali, Casado, Gebremedhin, Riseley, and Manzano, and given it is the first it will go out slow so Manzano better be top-5 to get a spot. 7 under 3:35 this year and 4 under 3:32 all time.

        The second heat has Lancashire, Schlangen, Lagat, Silva, Kiprop, Higuero, and Zerguelaine, so we'll see Lagat and Kiprop together early. Look for Lagat to run smart at whatever the pace is and qualify but Kiprop to take it. 7 under 3:35 this year and 5 under 3:33 all time.

        The third heat could rival the first with Baddeley, Choge, Lomong, Roff, Cronje, Boukensa, Laalou, and Legesse, but less experience amongst the fast runners to a better shot for Lomong to get through. 7 under 3:35 this year and 4 under 3:33 all time.

        Ulrey lucks out in a way to be in the last as it gives a better chance of qualifying on time, but it is perhaps the most loaded heat with Estevez, Makhloufi, Keitany, Yemmouni, Eberhardt, Mekonnen, Brannen, Kamel, and Moustaoui. 7 under 3:35 this year and 6 under 3:33 all time.

        I'll say 3 of the 4 from the U.S. make it through to the semis. I'd guess Ulrey just missed out on time as one of the earlier heats will be kept honest by someone so the last heat doesn't get all the time qualifiers.


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          Mr. Manzano just climbed up the ladder of respectability, taking the reigns in heat 1 when the pace slowed, getting boxed off the final curve, and not giving up on the home straight to finish 2nd.
          Fire Impossible.


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            Kiprop runs so effortlessly....


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              Yes, Manzano looked very much like the racer we've seen in U.S. meets.

              Lagat positioned well in 6th on outside with one lap to go.


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                Lagat 2nd, and comfortably, behind Kiprop.


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                  Lomong through as well. And all have been slow so Ulrey has a shot if someone decides to actually run the first 2 laps.


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                    And now Lomong looks good. Ulrey up next.

                    Hard to imagine U.S. could possibly have three finalists, but they've looked good--and smart!--so far.


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                      Mr. Lomong, the 3rd of 3 Americans in the 1st 3 heats, ran a great kicker's race to qualify 3rd.
                      Fire Impossible.


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                        Ulrey tripped early in 2nd turn of 3rd lap (at 2:35). Almost went down, but maintained. At back of pack with 200 to go.

                        Finishes 8th, probably advancing on time as they Qed 5+4 and this was the fastest heat.

                        3:42.37 the fastest non-Q coming into Ulrey's heat.


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                          Ulrey looks to get through!


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                            Ulrey needs to beat 3:42.54 to advance.

                            Ulrey 3:38.86 to q.


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                              where are full results? IAAF doesn't have heat 3 up yet?