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  • World Champs Preview Charts

    They are great ! I'm like a little kid at Christmas waiting for them to keep coming up on my computer ! Thank you !

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    Agreed. It's great.
    "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
    by Thomas Henry Huxley


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      Moi aussi!
      One little quibble, though. I noticed it shows Nick Symmonds' SB from '08. Why not his SB/PB from this season, 1:43.83 in Monaco, on July 28?


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        What preview charts you are talking about?


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          Originally posted by dvorakfan
          What preview charts you are talking about?
          If you're a subscriber, you are now receiving an e-mail preview for every event.


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            I think the "Scoop" section is extremely light and a current year top 10 would be better then an All-time top 10. So, I think the stats could have been smaller to allow for more race analysis. Otherwise loving them. 8-)


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              hmmm, am subscriber and no sign of this in my inbox


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                Originally posted by AS
                hmmm, am subscriber and no sign of this in my inbox
                Have you been getting eTN all along? If yes, Houston, we have a problem. If no, you have a bigger one! Tell them!!!


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                  Haven't seen an eTn for a couple of weeks...

                  Email has been sent...

                  Annoyingly I suspect this springs from me winning/earning my subscription via winning a tipping comp in Beijing...


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                    AS- Check your spam and junk mail filters. We changed servers a couple weeks ago, which might have flipped the wrong bit for you. And you can log into the archive here -


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                      Anyone else not receive the men's 400 preview? I have all men's individual track running events except the 400.

                      I second the idea of a year's top 10 rather than all-time. I agree the scoop is light on some. If you guys are short-handed may I suggest farming this out to 3-4 interested individuals/correspondants much like the individual event reporting from nationals and international title meets.

                      But all in all the info is great one stop source to have and doubly exciting to have in Berlin.

                      Maybe one day you guys can put together post-event sheets like this or dailies of eTN during the event with a page for each event.


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                        i have not gotten anything either !


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                          bhall, have PMed you with further information on my situation...




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                            tm71- PM me with your email full name and email.

                            m400 is lagging behind. A couple other events will also lag.


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                              on the formcharts bazu worku is not running as he is to young for the world champs marathon, even though he has run 2:06.

                              abrahaham cherkos is not running at 5k.

                              fernando cabada is not running and has been replaced by ed torres.

                              QUESTION on gharib a news release said he is racing ryan hall among others at the nyc half marathon on sunday, and i had heard he was not running the world champs, but he is on the entry list and is predicted for 2nd.

                              his half marathon is on sunday and the mathon is 6 days later is he.
                              1. doing both?
                              2. doing 1 and not the other, if yes does anyone know which one?

                              it is very unusual to see a half marathon and a marathon 6 days later at a high level. though it has been done.