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Official WC TV Scheduling: Live? Tape Delay? Streaming?


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  • Official WC TV Scheduling: Live? Tape Delay? Streaming?

    I'm located in Toronto and am wondering what's the coverage going to be like? I believe CBC will only be doing weekend coverage (not that long ago they'd have 1-2hr daily coverage *sad face) along with NBC. We don't get Universal Sports out here, I just came back from NYC for a month and to have access to that channel over there was heaven.

    What's the time difference between U.S./Canada East Coast to Berlin Germany?

    I use to also watch live Euro Meets through Universal Sports website on my Laptop but since I've come back from NYC it says I'm out of country and can't view anything when before it was possible.

    As usual any help would be appreciated.

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    Toronto is the same time on the east coast of USA such as New York, etc. Berlin is 6 hours ahead of that time. By the way, you can also know for sure and go to IAAF website and click on the schedule of races and on top you will see the time in Berlin set as default., and beside that you will see a option/button to press that say.. "My local time" or something like that.

    As for the where you can watch it online... Universal Sports is usually blocked for folks who live outside of USA, but... Certain Website maybe carrying the Universal means of Peer to Peer sharing.

    JustineTv, will most likely have a few feeds from other countries or even from Universal Sports. is another really cool site and sometimes they have the Universal sports feed. Also, website should be loaded with different feeds from around the world in many languages.

    Also, I'm not sure if you can get in Canada, but there is a Jamaican TV channel on there that is Free. The name is CVMTV and I see that they will be carrying the WC live also.

    Overall, I don't think you will have any problems having access to the WC somewhere or another.


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      see this thread ... hp?t=36819