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¶2009 WC w400H: Melaine Walker (Jamaica) 52.42 WL


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  • Originally posted by feltdog70
    Originally posted by njtrackfanatic
    Originally posted by feltdog70
    Originally posted by Fortis4Eva
    Originally posted by guruof track
    Demus needs to switch legs. That killed her on the last two hurdles.
    Agree 100% she was right there in it until those last 2 hurdles. Those stutter steps at number 9 killed her
    Thank you... A technical issue, not a physical issue. That makes sense, instead of all the hoopla about Demus being "spent."
    why why why why why. Don't anyone ask that question anymore. Demus form broke down because she was spent. It is the 400m hurdles and not 100mh. :shock:
    If she was truly spent, she would have not run under 53 seconds. She would have finished like Tosta in the semis. Again, this is my opinion, and instead of going back and forth, I'm going to agree to disagree and leave it at that. 8-)
    I agree with feltdog on this one. She wasn't dying, I think she lost momentum by clipping those two hurdles. I don't think she would be able to outkick Melanie, but I do believe it would have been a bit closer (Melanie the clear leader still though).


    • [quote=Sportsfanx1]
      Originally posted by t_monk
      Originally posted by JROCK
      Originally posted by "Weights&Shoes":3dhthzz7
      Where did this other Jamaican come from? lol
      8-) 8-) 8-)
      IAAF World Junior Championships

      August 15-20 , 2006
      Beijing, China

      400 Hurdles US
      55.35 NICOLE LEACH UCLA W Catholic, Phila, PA
      58.31 *Ebony Collins Wilson, Long Beach, CA

      55.61 Kaliese Spencer JAMAICA
      56.09 Joke Odumosu NIGERIA
      56.90 Sherene Pinnock JAMAICA
      57.45 Lauren Boden AUSTRALIA
      58.01 Anastasiya Ott RUSSIA
      58.24 Frederike Schonfeld GERMANY
      58.34 Wang Hui CHINA
      58.47 Perri Shakes-Drayton GREAT BRITAIN
      I was just going to call for that stat.... di girl a dhampion from long time!
      Many don't have a clue about anything else that doesn't involved their own. I think Ato, Boldon doing a good job so far, but I really surprised that he didn't know/mentioned other than Kaliese Spencer taken part in the World Championships in 2007 at age 20, that in 2006 she was the World Junior Champion.

      The Tracey sisters and Downie is coming up through the ranks also. The eldest of theTracey sisters just won Pan Am last month and Downie was third (after coming off her World Youth Silver medal performance a few weeks before) . Jamaica's future look safe in the W 400mH.[/quote:3dhthzz7]

      And don't forget that last years NCAA champ Nickiesha Wilson had a bum ankle plus a parting of ways with her former coaches. She will be back and be a lively threat.


      • Originally posted by eldrick
        Originally posted by njtrackfanatic
        Did you notice how spent demus was in her semi?
        she did look surprisingly beat up

        from her 52.6 few weeks ago i expected her to break wr here, but she looked bad in semi in a slow time

        still thought she'd go 52.8 to win by 0.3+ but melanie found zero to hero in 3 weeks
        Happy for Melaines recent success. Felt sorry for her after her NCAA DQ. Took her quite a while to get back to 53 seconds.


        • Originally posted by Non Potest

          Happy for Melaines recent success. Felt sorry for her after her NCAA DQ. Took her quite a while to get back to 53 seconds.
          Not so long to get to 52s though.


          • Originally posted by t_monk
            I knew from that same race in Monaco I believe when Demus ran that 52 seconds and Melanie ran that 54 AFTER hitting or more or less RUNNING THROUGH a hurdle. The thought that Demus was the favorite for this one was undersandable but the blow out that people were forecasting was nothing short of ludacris IMHO. As long as Melanie got over the hurdles well she was running down AND PASS Demus, she is easily faster than Demus when it comes to raw footspeed, remember that Walker ran the sprint hurdles too!
            You are quite correct. Anyone who saw that Monaco race would have realised that Melaine was a live threat. They were going at it hammer and tongs until Melaine clobbered the 7th hurdle and almost went down. She has certainly smoothed out her technique. Looks much better than '08


            • Can't believe how many of these hurdlers refuse to alternate. It's just a matter of practice, and you know the situation is going to present itself.