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¶'09 WC w1500: Maryam Jamal (Bahrain) 4:03.74


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  • Red flag in WC 1500m ?

    elcaballo wrote "Apparently a trackside judge has a red flag up. So assume she'll be disqualified. . ."

    rich xx 87 wrote "... an on-field judge raised a red flag near the incident and thus there will be no need for anyone to file a protest."
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    IAAF Rules clarity review seems needed here.

    A track event Umpire lacks authority to make a final decision, instead raises a Yellow flag and makes an immediate written report on the incident to the Referee. -- IAAF Rule 127

    A field event Judge indicates the validity of a trial [jump or throw] by raising a White flag or non-validity by raising a Red flag. -- IAAF Rule 126

    The Referee shall not act as a judge or umpire. -- IAAF Rule 125 (Actions that a referee can take include declaring "an event void and be contested again either on the same day or on some future occasion.")
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    Umpires commonly observe from the track's outer edge. If a Red flag was raised by an on-field judge, it may have been to signal that a long jumper or javelin thrower stepped over the foul line.