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'09 m100 QF (split)


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  • '09 m100 QF (split)

    thats the powell start im used to.. not the finish though.. nealry gave me a heart attack

    insertion at this point by gh, who who screwed things up in splitting the threads (and there's no undo). My bad.

    this post from Dakota is supposed to start things:

    I feel desperately sorry for the athletes in heat three and heat five.

    This draw is horrible. Some of these heats are very weak and others impossibly strong.

    100 Metres - M Quarter-Final
    first 3 of each heat (Q) plus the 1 fastest time (q) qualified.

    Heat 1
    Saturday 15 August 2009 - 18:50
    Lane Bib Athlete Country 2009 PB
    1 683 Masashi Eriguchi [JAPAN] JPN 10.07 10.07
    2 540 Martin Keller [GERMANY] GER 10.35 10.23
    3 492 Dwain Chambers [GREAT BRITAIN & N.I.] GBR 10.06 9.97
    4 1116 Richard Thompson [TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO] TRI 10.01 9.89
    5 457 Martial Mbandjock [FRANCE] FRA 10.11 10.06
    6 636 Emanuele Di Gregorio [ITALY] ITA 10.21 10.21
    7 926 Arnaldo Abrantes [PORTUGAL] POR 10.19 10.19
    8 595 Adam Harris [GUYANA] GUY 10.22 10.22

    Heat 2
    Saturday 15 August 2009 - 18:57
    Lane Bib Athlete Country 2009 PB
    1 965 Simon Magakwe [SOUTH AFRICA] RSA 10.21 10.21
    2 281 Daniel Grueso [COLOMBIA] COL 10.22 10.17
    3 459 Christophe Lemaître [FRANCE] FRA 10.04 10.04
    4 693 Naoki Tsukahara [JAPAN] JPN 10.09 10.09
    5 1254 Gerald Phiri [ZAMBIA] ZAM 10.13 10.13
    6 1224 Michael Rodgers [UNITED STATES] USA 9.94 9.94
    7 496 Tyrone Edgar [GREAT BRITAIN & N.I.] GBR 10.09 10.06
    8 869 Egwero Ogho-Oghene [NIGERIA] NGR 10.25 10.25

    Heat 3
    Saturday 15 August 2009 - 19:04
    Lane Bib Athlete Country 2009 PB
    1 665 Asafa Powell [JAMAICA] JAM 9.88 9.72
    2 694 Shintaro Kimura [JAPAN] JPN 10.21 10.21
    3 1215 Darvis Patton [UNITED STATES] USA 10.02 9.89
    4 860 Olusoji A. Fasuba [NIGERIA] NGR 10.20 9.85
    5 1032 Kim Collins [SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS] SKN 10.15 9.98
    6 954 Samuel Francis [QATAR] QAT 10.19 9.99
    7 454 Ronald Pognon [FRANCE] FRA 10.21 9.99
    8 1110 Marc Burns [TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO] TRI 10.04 9.96

    Heat 4
    Saturday 15 August 2009 - 19:11
    Lane Bib Athlete Country 2009 PB
    1 163 Adrian Griffith [BAHAMAS] BAH 10.27 10.27
    2 383 Ángel David Rodríguez [SPAIN] ESP 10.39 10.14
    3 877 Jaysuma Saidy Ndure [NORWAY] NOR 10.10 10.01
    4 171 Andrew Hinds [BARBADOS] BAR 10.03 10.03
    5 660 Michael Frater [JAMAICA] JAM 10.02 9.97
    6 1183 Tyson Gay [UNITED STATES] USA 9.77 9.77
    7 863 Obinna Metu [NIGERIA] NGR 10.27 10.16
    8 632 Fabio Cerutti [ITALY] ITA 10.15 10.13

    Heat 5
    Saturday 15 August 2009 - 19:18
    Lane Bib Athlete Country 2009 PB
    1 905 Dariusz Kuc [POLAND] POL 10.21 10.17
    2 599 Rolando Palacios [HONDURAS] HON 10.28 10.22
    3 111 Daniel Bailey [ANTIGUA & BARBUDA] ANT 9.91 9.91
    4 656 Usain Bolt [JAMAICA] JAM 9.79 9.69
    5 503 Simeon Williamson [GREAT BRITAIN & N.I.] GBR 10.05 10.03
    6 1111 Emmanuel Callander [TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO] TRI 10.08 10.08
    7 1178 Monzavous Edwards [UNITED STATES] USA 10.02 10.02
    8 101 Churandy Martina [NETHERLANDS ANTILLES] AHO 9.97 9.93

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    Actually heat five is insane.

    And heat three has seven runners with career bests under ten seconds!


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      Heats 3 and 5 are ridiculous!


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        Lol heat three and five could have been the


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          :lol: :lol: :lol: Its getting good 8-) 8-)


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            Everybody except Bolt has to run that race like a final.

            And the thing is some of the 10.0 athletes in the other heats will be looking to PB so who knows which heat the fastest loser comes from.

            Heat 1

            Chambers and Thompson with Mbandjock and Eriguchi tussling for third spot. Nobody else should have a chance.

            Heat 2

            This is the weakest heat. Rodgers should be comfortable with Phiri, Lamaitre and Edgar fighting for two spots, but I wouldn't count out any of the eight entirely. It's competitive, but the thing is it's competitive between people who would probably be filling lanes in some of the other heats. So that's not entirely right. But hey, it's a championship.

            Heat 3

            WTF? Powell and Patton and Burns should qualify I presume, but they'll have to run fast, because Fasuba, Collins, Francis and Pognon have run sub ten in the past. Obviously they're not all in the best shape, but it's risky not taking them seriously as a group. Francis is young and looked good qualifying. Only the Japanese athlete is a no hoper.

            Heat 4

            If Gay is injured he got lucky here. He can afford to let Frater take the win. Third spot should be between Ndure and Hinds. The other four are decent athletes but would have to benefit from the run of their life or somebody not running well.

            Heat 5

            Bolt obviously doesn't need to lose sleep about who he races but even he can't take it too easy with Bailey lining up against him. Bailey will have to go fast because he can't assume Martina's 1st round is going to be repeated - Martina does have a sub ten this year and came fourth in Beijing. Which basically leaves Williamson and Edwards crapping themselves. They need to run as fast as conditions will possibly allow unless they get near the finish and Martina isn't there, and even then... basically its four athletes looking for two places behind Bolt. And Callender must be feeling screwed. The other two shouldn't get a look in.


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              Any chance they'll redraw these? LOL.

              It's entirely possible the tough looking draws will sort themselves out with people not performing well leaving those who are in shape to separate themselves. But I think in a lot of cases there's still going to be four trying to fit into three so I guess we're going to find out whether it's a fast track. Quarter finals have been getting faster and faster in recent years any way. It's frequently the case that people run quicker in quarter finals than they do in semi finals. The very best then peak for the final. Running twice in a day helps the best athletes, but not everybody can do it two days in a row!

              Plus it's the perception of what others in your heat MIGHT do. You don't get to know what time they run until afterwards! Not the time to take any risks guessing what form anybody else is in because they might spring a nasty surprise on you.


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                indeed, heat 5 is wicked brutal for a Quarter.

                wow, suddenly, these Quarters look freakin deep across the board.

                we may see a few surprises and dissapointments in this second round.

                heat 3 tough on PBs, but on SBs not a bad as 5.

                Monzavous Rae Edwards in heat 5 in a tough one. yikes. the other 3 Americans should be fine.


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                  This is a great opportunity for the French junior to reach the semi final stage running out of heat 2! I hope he does it and believe he can.


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                    looking like Britain will be down to 1 after next round and it will be Chambers. He looked very solid in round 1.


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                      Re: '09 m100 QF (split)

                      Dakota wrote:
                      <<This draw is horrible. Some of these heats are very weak and others impossibly strong. >>

                      Just so everybody understands, the draw "horrible" as it may be, doesn't reflect human error (not official error, at any rate). The second round is done by immutable formula. If one race is stronger than another, it's because the winners of some heats slowed way up, or stud athletes gave up places in the final meters.

                      My basic observation is that it's about as good a group of people moving along as I can ever recall. The days of shlubs moving into the second round seem to be pretty much gone.


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                        Good way of putting it. Happy times for sprint fans!
                        You there, on the motorbike! Sell me one of your melons!


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                          Whats with Derrick Atkins and his loss of form ?


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                            He shouldn't have shutdown with Powell.. :lol:

                            On a side note..

                            TG fans.. TG fans... you should have heeded my warnings from yesterday!!

                            Rounds Rounds Rounds.. :wink:


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                              Here we go