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¶'09 WC m100: Usain Bolt (Jamaica) 9.58 WR


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    Congratulations Mr. Bolt, G.O.A.T.


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      Bolt's start out the blocks and transition from drive phase was insane. He seemed to pick up 1 step out of blocks and a second one during the transition.


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        I don't see ANYONE beating Bolt. Count me down as a believer. That was un-fucking-real. He SMASHED the WR by .11...............No way Tyson was ready to run that healthy or otherwise.

        Seriously this dud might run 9.3 before its over.


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          1 4 656 Usain Bolt JAM 9.58 (WR) 0.146
          2 5 1183 Tyson Gay USA 9.71 (NR) 0.144
          3 6 665 Asafa Powell JAM 9.84 (SB) 0.134
          4 3 111 Daniel Bailey ANT 9.93 0.129
          5 8 1116 Richard Thompson TRI 9.93 (SB) 0.119
          6 1 492 Dwain Chambers GBR 10.00 (SB) 0.123
          7 2 1110 Marc Burns TRI 10.00 (SB) 0.165
          8 7 1215 Darvis Patton USA 10.34 0.149

          Wind +.9

          Thankyou wind..........

          I expected a bit faster from Bailey, but the rest impressed.....


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            42.8 then teach him to hurdle.


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              Originally posted by dj
              Originally posted by t_monk
              I want Asafa to win....

              but Bolt seems as good as golden.

              Again.. the only person beating Bolt is Powell... IMHO
              The only person Bolt is Bolt.
              Right now... I agree... OTHERWORDLY!!!


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                it is insane to run 9.71 (0.08 faster than maurice greene ever did) and lose by 5 feet ! i am surprised at the time, initially i thought it was 9.68 when it flashed, but my eyes must have been playing tricks on me !!!


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                  Originally posted by DrJay
                  42.8 then teach him to hurdle.
                  :lol: :lol:


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                    Originally posted by TrainerPhil
                    Not me....I knew this track was WR ready......

                    Nothing against Gay....the man just ran the 3rd fastest EVER.........but he is running in the wrong era...

                    Gay just said in the interview that he is upset because he knew he could run as fast as Bolt, it just didn't come together for him............

                    Gay, bless your heart because you are a great sprinter. But you are not in Bolt's class.
                    Tyson Gay just showed that he is the second best sprinter of all time. How does that put him in "the wrong era"? I don't understand your point.


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                      Originally posted by guruof track
                      Seriously this dud might run 9.3 before its over.
                      The dude's no dud


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                        Now let's debate who has the best top end.


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                          Justblaze and Speedfirst......ready to change that 200m predicition?

                          Could we see 19.10?????


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                            UNBELIEVABLE! Best athletics moment I have ever witnessed.

                            I just couldn't believe that clock. 9'71 and you get TROUNCED.

                            Gay, 2nd best 100m guy in history - amazing.

                            Asafa, put a strong race together.

                            I have to laugh when I think back, 6 years ago!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

                            Kim Collins wins in, what, 10'04? Frater wins Silver in Helsinki in 10'0

                            Oh how things can change.


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                              Incredible acceleration by Bolt at around 25 meters.


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                                TrainerPhil, you know as well as the rest of the world, no one is in Bolts class.