I know Bolt's accomplishments are talked about oh sooo often, but to me, you can't say enough. I never thought I would be living during a time in which we are conceivably talking about a sprinter approaching 9.4's for 100m. It's frightening what this guy is doing on the track. I feel like that picture of Michael Johnson that is floating around. I mean, c'mon!! 9.5's?? He could potentially run in the 9.4's??!!! Good God almighty. I grew up on Carl Lewis, Ben Johnson, Linford Christie, etc and this guy equals their times running backwards in sweats. I don't care how the track surfaces have changed or the other factors that one could use to explain away his ability. As MJ said, to think that you can beat this guy when he's on, is flat out idiotic. Dude is an alien.