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¶'09 w400: Sanya Richards (US) 49.00 WL


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  • Originally posted by scottmitchell74
    If you go back far enough.....couldn't you say:

    Africans 1-8th in the race!?!?! Congrats to them all!!

    :twisted: :?:
    Sanya wasn't born in Africa!! :wink:

    These Jamiacans just mashing up Berlin!! who can stop them?! lol


    • Originally posted by TrackDaddy
      Originally posted by jjimbojames
      I thought it was just the angle compared to Sanya, but looking at the other girls too - Shericka looks TINY in that photo!! :shock:

      TD - keep meaning to ask - how did you first get on the Sanya wagon - the whole time I've been on here, you have been her fan, but getting a text and shout out :shock: - is there a college history or anything!?!?
      Well jj, it all started on Dyestat back when she was in high school. I'd never seen a more talented well rounded youth athlete in my life. Since my daughter was also a good 400m runner and the same age as Sanya, it was natural and quite easy for me to pay attention. At some point my daughter recommended that I began posting on Dyestat and even gave me the moniker, TrackDaddy. I sort of began making predictions about what Sanya would do and as fate would have it, she chose Texas to run collegiately. I live in Texas and am a pretty big UT track fan. The class that entered college her freshman year was just amazing (Sanya, Wariner, VCB, etc) and message boards were ON FIRE. I spent my time not only predicting what Sanya and UT would do, but becoming more and more attached to her preformances. Then at a big 12 meet were my daughter was performing, I got a chance to meet Sanya for the first time. I really had no idea that she or her family even knew who I was. I recognized her dad from pictures online and asked if I could meet her.

      Man, he was soooo exicted when I told him I was "TrackDaddy." :lol: He took me into the heating area to meet her and she was excited too. He said "Sanya, Sanya...this is TrackDAddy" ops: :lol: 8-) . That was nothing really because I almost fainted myself. :lol:

      Then I started to realize that alot of people knew TrackDaddy. My daughter had told me earlier in the year at Tx Relays that people she didnt know in the heating area were asking her if TrackDaddy was her father. Also people would approach me in the stands at meets and ask. Some would be mad at me aout something I wrote, but they were still nice though. See...I've also been very opinionated on other issues. :lol:

      Anyway I had surgery back in 2004 and was off the boards for a while. Well Sanya wrote me to ask how I was doing and even sent me autographed pictures after the Olympics!!! On occasion she would check on me and send me signed tshirts. I was down after surgery and I cant tell you how much good that did me.

      But Sanya is always giving back to her fans. Not just me. But I might be a little special. 8-)

      Well fast forward to 2007 and Sanya and her family invited her "biggest fan" to be a guest of hers at the Olympic Trials. :shock: It was around Christmas when her mom asked me and I was shocked.

      Yes, she invited me and my wife to the 2008 Olympic trials, paid for airfare and hotel! Invited us to their family meals and even her post race victory meal. Her rich fiance wouldn't even let us pay for our food. I had access to all of the athletes and even stayed in the same hotel and the same floor as Sanya a few doors down :shock: :lol: .

      The guy next door to us was Al Joyner, Jackies brother and Flojo's widower. I did a photo blog-ett on TrackShark detailing the experience which got a lot of interest because I actually got to meet and take a picture which just about every US athlete there :lol: .

      Anyway thats a "brief" of how the relationship started and how it sort of evolved but I left a lot of stuff out.

      Sanya seems to have her share of detractors who all have their own motives, but I can tell you from personal experience...she's good as GOLD. :wink:
      :evil: OK I'm jealous now.
      :lol: No...but that is a beautiful story and Im glad to hear shes so genuine.
      Im real cool with her former UT teammate and U.S. shot putter Michelle Carter. We take yoga and spin class together at 24Fitness in Cedar Hill. Many times she dragged me into yoga cuz I wanted to quit. THAT MESS HURTS!!!She works there part time in the off season. Cool person indeed. Its wonderful to see these young men and women achieve their goals when you know them personally. I was proud watching footage of Michelle Sunday.
      Both women are living my dream, man!


      • Originally posted by TrakFan
        I think some of the other female athletes are going to want their very own TrackDaddy as well.
        What are the chances they might want a bad hammy??


        • Since I'm knew to this website, I had no idea what you were about TrackDaddy. To be perfectly honest I just thought you were another crazy Sanya fanatic. Not far from the truth :wink: , but I now understand why you route for her as actively and as passionately as you do.

          Enjoy her victory, you both earned it.......


          • Originally posted by SQUACKEE

            Damn...It would have been an even more beautiful picture if Allyson were in it. She surely would have forced Sanya to take it towards 48.50.

            I missed this race. I was on my way to work when it took place. Fortunately I had a live radio transmission and heard the whole thing. The 2 people calling the race nearly gave me a heart attack when the girls got to the final stretch. I'll watch it on my DVD when I get home.

            For the U.K.: I hope I don't rub any of you wrong when I say this, but I think Big O. is going to have to break Kathy Cook's NR of 49.42 if she wants to get back into the game. With Shericka a hair's thickness away from Lorraine Fenton's NR of 49.30, and Krivoshapka having run 49.29, I believe it is a must, if she wants to defend her Olympic title at home in 2012. These girls are not going to come back to her the way Sanya did last year, and I'm almost afraid that, by 2012, that 49.61 of hers is going to cut it very close just to make it to the final! Look what it took for Debbie Dunn (49.95) to make it.

            I can't wait for Zürich. Sanya will certainly try for the AR and perhaps go deep into K/K territory


            • After my run after work in 85 degrees and humid i watched Sanya's interview and she said "TrackDaddy this is for you." I thought maybe the heat had got to me, but no!

              In this world of bullshit artists and con-men we have the real deal right heeah! She is lucky to have you as a friend.

              She would also be lucky to have me as a friend. 8-)


              • [quote=Weights&Shoes]
                Originally posted by "T&F_LA":b5lpwlpi
                Excellent run for AK49 IMO. Hope she was crying because she got bronze. btw, this is the first individual medal ever for a Russian girl.

                In fact, this is only the second high-keyed international outdoor race for her (w/o considering the WC 1st round and semi) Excellent result !!!

                Maybe she's the athlete to follow in the future.
                I hope EVER you mean in the 400m H not in the History of T&F[/quote:b5lpwlpi]Lol. Sorry. First WC individual medal in the 400m for a Russian girl ever.


                • What a wondeful story TD! You must have felt like you were in a wonderful dream at the Trials.

                  I spent five minutes chatting with Sanya in Brussels two years ago and even though I was pretty star struck she could not have been nicer.

                  I would love to be her trackmommy. I drove down from Canada to the meet so that makes me a dedicated fan too.

                  But you and I don't have to get married! :wink:


                  • I did a photo blog-ett on TrackShark detailing the experience which got a lot of interest because I actually got to meet and take a picture which just about every US athlete there
                    And that was hands-down the coolest thread I've ever seen on any forum.

                    It was a joy to watch from start to finish.
                    You there, on the motorbike! Sell me one of your melons!


                    • I was checking. This is the third fastest WC final ever.

                      1. Kratochvilova, Helsinki 1983, 47.99
                      2. Ana Guevara, Paris 2003, 48.89
                      3. Sanya Richards, Berlin 2009, 49.00

                      Also, Shericka's time is second best time for silver in WC ever :

                      1. Kocembova, Helsinki 1983, 48.59
                      2. Shericka Williams, Berlin 2009, 49.32


                      • Major Congrats to Sanya Richards !! She is the real deal.Dat Jahmaikan-Ameerikan Gurl beet dem udda gurls fram Jahmaica reel gud. :wink: :shock:
                        "Sprintin' ain't easy,baby !


                        • Another info: Only 4 finals in WC history with 4 women below 50:

                          1. Helsinki 1983
                          2. Tokyo 1991
                          3. Paris 2003
                          4. Berlin 2009

                          It was the kind of final you really want to see, wasn't it?


                          • Originally posted by T&F_LA
                            Another info: Only 4 finals in WC history with 4 women below 50:

                            1. Helsinki 1983
                            2. Tokyo 1991
                            3. Paris 2003
                            4. Berlin 2007

                            It was the kind of final you really want to see, wasn't it?
                            And judging by these women ages... there is more to come!


                            • Originally posted by Tvarish
                              Originally posted by T&F_LA
                              I became Sanya's detractor in part because I thought she didn't have the toughness and mental fortitude to be a champion, although she has always been a great talent. I just didn't think she'd be able to put it all together the big day. She did it wonderfully and I was absolutely wrong.

                              Redemption for Sanya Richards today

                              Congratulations to the new World champion, a magnificent athlete. She earned it, meter by meter. Congratulations to her fans too.
                              While I suppose it's true that your mental toughness can keep you from running your best, it is still not going to prohibit someone who has vastly superior talent from winning anyway. Sanya may still not be the toughest 400m runner but she is so much better than all the others that, with just a modicum of coaching, she was going to win regardless as long as the sky did not fall in.
                              As much as I have criticized her for the past several dissapointments, precisely for all that and the evident mental struggle she fought to overcome her weaknesses, I must say today's win is even more valuable. The race was splendid and she ran it in champion fashion. A magnificent piece of run, bravery and tecnhique. Congratulations again !!!


                              • Originally posted by CookyMonzta
                                Damn...It would have been an even more beautiful picture if Allyson were in it. She surely would have forced Sanya to take it towards 48.50.
                                AF is one of my favorite athletes, but Sanya had that biggest push she could get from this field already, especially SW (a hard finisher), but knowing a hard-finishing "O" was in the field kept her pushing the finish as well, I am sure.