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Flag distribution system for medalists?

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  • Flag distribution system for medalists?

    Is there a guy on the first curve with a filing cabinet full of flags? How does that work?

    "OK, whattya have...what's your country?"

    "I won the race. Where's my flag?"

    "I know you won. What's your country?"




    "Need one Cuba, Charley. Here ya go."

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    there are all kind of team management sitting just past the finish line throwing flags at the track.

    flump and i have taken it opon ourselves to distribute our huge union jack to all the uk medalists :-)
    i deserve extra credit


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      So it was you that smothered Jenny?


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        I remember when the Greek woman won the 100 H when Devers crashed the last hurdle. She had to run back past the start to find someone with a Greek flag. Much more organized now.


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          I preferred it when it was spontaneous, a la Viren (Munich, I believe, though there it was other guys carrying the Finnish flag). So rote now that it's silly. Maybe they should set up a tattoo booth beyond the finish line and tattoo the flag on the winner's bum.