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NBC/Versus Coverage is Awful


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  • NBC/Versus Coverage is Awful

    I have long complained about the coverage on NBC, today I sat down and I constantly become infuriated. They show no respect for the intelligence of the viewers. They do not report on the stories at hand, but attempt to create their own stories and if the script does not go as expected, they move on to the next event. (Case in point, some foreign guy wins the 1500 with Lagat 3rd - interview Lagat and get him to build up hype for the 5,000 "He'll be out for revenge!"). Here and in the Olympics, they often lose sight of the wonderful international spectacle they are covering.

    MEN'S 200 SEMIS - Crawford's curse during his post race interview was "bleeped" out for the later showings. Otherwise, a competent job of covering the races.

    WOMEN'S 100 HURDLES SEMIS - The race I was looking most forward to in these championships, given the depth of the field. They butchered the lead up. Only showed the heat with Dawn Harper and they only showed one of three semis. These races are over in 13 figgin' seconds! No mention of Perry's injury and we don't know what happened to Damu Cherry. Ato says that Lopes-Schliep looked good...why can't we see that!

    WOMEN'S 200 HEATS - Covered all five heats, but what a showcase of Tom Hammond's complete inability to have more than two names in his head during the race. Heat 1 - who finished third? Hammond never tells us....Hey Tom!! Top three qualify, third place is well worth mentioning. Heat 3 - Felix wins...again no mention of third place finisher until the graphics come up. (By the way - I love how the little promo graphics they show coming back from commercial highlight Tyson Gay & Lolo Jones). Heat 4 - before they race the preview Hooker & Ferguson-McKenzie, so predictably Hammond cannot mention anyone else in the race....Tom?, who finished third? Heat 5 - Hammond couldn't mention the 2nd place finisher, I clearly saw it was McLaughlin, Ato had to add that information after the race was over. Heat 6 - Hammond: "Looks like a scratch in lane 4" who might that have been...never mind Tom, I'll rewind on my DVR and see it was Bryzhina. Hey Tom! Third place? It was Borlee (btw, was she wearing gloves?)

    WOMEN'S DISCUS QUALIFYING - Brown-Trafton barely qualifies for the final, so Dwight states "she had dug herself quite a hole." What does he mean? One big throw in the final is all she needs. An since we are American, why not show Thurmond? And again, the stupid "Key Qualifiers." Twelve women qualified, why show us only 8 names? It is such a slap in the face of the viewer, figuring we cannot handle that many foreign names on the screen. They show all 16 semifinal qualifiers in swimming at both the Olympics & the recent Worlds, why not here?

    Oh yeah, the Women's 200 - "Key" qualifiers again! What a bunch of jerks! The NBC producers, not the 200 meter runners.

    MEN'S 1500 FINAL - As the race was nearing its end, Lagat was able to close from behind on Laalou. That's the way Hammond called it! Hey Hammond, you moron, Laalou finished 10th! No mention of Kamel or Mekonnen until at least 15 seconds after the race end. Not calling the winner of a race is inexcusable. I think that many runners in it at the end was too much for Hammond's mind to hold onto. Also, it wasn't until several replays later than Lagat;s need to move sideways with about 80 to go was mentioned. I guess it could have been worse, if Manzano was the only American in the race, the camera would have been on him toward the end.

    DECATHLON - 100/LJ/SP - Aren't the Cubans supposed to contend? No mention of any of them through the first three events.

    MEN'S 400 SEMIFINALS - Why did Wissman scratch? Do they not get press releases in the NBC booth? Hammond's favorite line "Only in track & field can you have three semifinals." Well certain definitions of semifinal classify it as the round preceding the final in a competition where losers are eliminated. With the 2+2 scenario with three semis, they do an abysmal job of keeping track of the two time qualifiers. After the third semi, Hammond says "The finals are set in the Men's 400 meters." Who's in the final Tom? How about telling us...never mind, I'll rewind again. NBC does post the finalists after commercial. Why not keep track of the two time qualifiers after each race? It's not that hard, doesn't NBC have like a stats guy or a spotter in the announcers ears?

    WOMEN'S 100 HURDLES FINAL - Halfway through the race, Hammond says "Harper a step behind." She was pretty clearly out of it by that point, but I'm sure Tom doesn't know what to do when the Americans aren't near the lead. ("Who are these other people - I don't think I pronounce their names!") One thing I actually like was the interview of BFH, the perhaps are realizing that non-American athletes can speak English. Either that or they are trying to convince the American viewing public that Jamaica is the 51st state.

    MEN'S DISCUS FINAL - Dwight comes on to the image of a shirtless Harting to proclaim "an outstanding story." Too bad we didn't get to see any of the story. They showed more of Harting running around celebrating than any discus throwing. None of Kanter's throw for the bronze. Poor Dwight seems to be left out on a limb, enjoying the field events himself while we don't see any of it.

    WOMEN'S 800 FINAL - They actually did a good job here, good thing their favorite won. They also called Meadows' run for bronze well. I'm sure they'll stay with this story on Semenya, as it is controversial.

    MEN'S DECATHLON - Showed a decent number of high jumps, but the 400 meters took place after they left the air. Why didn't they show that during the later shows? Let's show the men's 100 again!

    MEN'S 100 HURDLES HEATS - Oh yeah, no mention of it whatsoever. Aries Merritt is out, Robles qualifies by only .05 and may be hurt. Why can't they report on the stories?

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    Generally, I agree with what you said but I've been watching the WC online.
    I have found NBC TV coverage to be very irritating in the past.

    Now, I can't be bothered with their overly partisan and heavily edited and delayed filler-laden affairs.
    So I just didn't give them a chance this time as there were options available that were likely to be better.

    I do agree with what you say about them creating a script in advance rather than allowing the story to evolve on the track.
    So rather than getting a truthful commentary, you often get commentary coloured by whatever angle was preordained.


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