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    It is fascinating to me how many degrees of perspective there are around this issue. Clearly, this is a difficult situation for the individual athlete, family, friends, etc., and hasn't been handled very well. Anyone with any sense of empathy is aware of that.
    On the other side of the coin, this seems to be at the cutting edge of a very complex problem, which hasn't been dealt with. In fact, sweeping it under the rug over many years, has brought us to this point of departure.
    As I see it, sex-differentiation at the margins, or should I say the "divide" is far from an exact science. By the way, I only learned today that "gender" is a cultural construct, and the correct word in this debate is "sex". That can't be bad, right? :wink: Just kidding ----relax, this is not about sex, or about "western men's views of pulchritude" or any other such red herrings...
    We have competitions, medals, records for Men, and for Women. Clearly there needs to be a definition that is not only theoretically correct, but meets the test of keeping the competition as fair as humanly possible. That is why we have Anti-Doping, that is why we have separate races for Disabled Athletes, and that is why we need to know the difference between Men and Women, in athletics. I actually don't think we are there yet, and whatever the outcome of the current "inquiry", there seems to be a lot yet to be discovered.
    If the World Record for 18 year old women goes down to 1:52 or faster within the next few weeks, which I think is not impossible, then we really have to back to the drawing board. I have no idea how that will work out, but I'm just saying....