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What stats/info are the TV talking heads given?


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  • What stats/info are the TV talking heads given?

    I wasn't sure where Melaine Walker's 400H time fit in the all-time list. I found it was 2nd fastest all-time performance. Wow! Did Tom Hammond grace us with that fact? Maybe I missed it, I was multi-tasking, but somehow I doubt it.

    So....what data are provided to the Hammonds and other imbeciles in the USAnian broadcast booths at major T&F meets? They could be a lot more interesting and informative if they were given the tools, or used them if they are already getting them. A one-page stat sheet per event could contain the startlist, brief stats for each competitor (PR, major champs placing, world ranking by TAFNEWS), all-time top 20s (marks and performers), and season-to-date top 20s. A second page could list results from the last few global champs (WC and OG) and results from same-season meets. Some, like Stones, have some of this in their heads. Hammond needs to be pointed in the direction of the starting line and told what it is for.

    Are these guys given such info? EASY to do with COMPUTERS (I assume NBC has a COMPUTER).

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    One of the basic press materials available for every event is a biographical summary of all participants (prepared by Mark Butler), which also contains the all-time world top 10 list. They're really good - I raided the press center yesterday and got the full set of them

    So yes, they could easily have looked it up.
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