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'09 Zürich mJT: Thorkildsen 91.28 WL


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  • '09 Zürich mJT: Thorkildsen 91.28 WL

    (season kind of belongs to Thorki at this point)

    Speer Men

    Frank, Mark GER
    Wirkkala, Teemu FIN
    Mannio, Ari FIN
    Ruuskanen, Anti FIN
    Kovals, Ainars LAT
    Müller, Stefan SUI
    Martinez, Guillermo CUB
    Vasilevskis, Vadims LAT
    Pitkämäki, Tero FIN
    Thorkildsen, Andreas NOR

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    Pitkamaki, no surprise, is out.


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      He must be really in bad shape if he lost his umlauts! :-)


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        Spent a couple of hours in the lobby with Thorki last night (err, and/or this morning). He's a hoot. Kept insisting that he was pissed at me because T&FN had picked Vasilevskis to win. I kept telling him he was nuts; copped to having gone w/ Pitkämäki at one point, but in the final-final analysis, we were in his corner.

        He was dogmatic, finally borrowed Sieg's iPhone (superior machine to his Crackberry, or did he just want to run the charges up elsewhere?) went online and said, "aha! oh.... that was Unviersal Sports."

        "So, you admit you were wrong?" I roared.

        "No, maybe I was wrong," he smiled.

        The Amarone was very good and a fun time was had by all.


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          Latest startlist is down to 7 throwers (Kovals and Müller also apparently gone). Looks like our guys will at least get six throws this time...


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            Thorkildsen 91.28 looking easy. Well, Berlin was a historically bad place for him... :shock:


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              Thorky ("spell it with a y" he told me today at lunch) is looking awesome. Musta been the Amarone (or his everpresent tin of chewing tobacco).


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                Sorry for the double topic. Looked but missed out on this one...
                GH can you delete my topic above....

                Great throwing from Thorky! Looks so effortless.


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                  his last four were truly effortless!! (he passed them all)


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                    1. THORKILDSEN, Andreas NOR 88.13 91.28 - - - - WL 91.28
                    2. RUUSKANEN, Antti FIN 79.16 78.16 81.33 79.05 85.39 81.42 SB 85.39
                    3. MANNIO, Ari FIN x 81.82 x x 80.54 x 81.82
                    4. WIRKKALA, Teemu FIN x 80.25 x x 79.72 x 80.25
                    5. FRANK, Mark GER x 74.62 77.40 76.75 x 79.65 79.65
                    6. VASILEVSKIS, Vadims LAT x 79.39 x x x 78.04 79.39
                    . MARTINEZ, Guillermo CUB x - - - - - NM

                    Why couldn't Ruuskanen do that at Berlin??