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3 Innovations I Heartily Dislike !


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    Re: 3 Innovations I Heartily Dislike !

    Originally posted by dukehjsteve
    They are fine, but canned beer and McDonald's Quarter Pounder were greater inventions.
    Boy, do you have bad taste :shock:


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      [quote="marknhj"] As the flop matured we did see some hybrid techniques, especially from the Soviets. They experimented with the straddle from a curved approach (Belkov) and a flop with a straight, straddle-like, lead leg (Grigoryev). Both jumped high, 2.32m and 2.30m, but neither style was further adopted as it became clear that the flop was a better and more effective technique. Frankly, I've always suspected that the Soviets were looking for a way to avoid fully adopting an American technique. The flop is also far less damaging to the knees. We know what happened to the greatest talent many believe we've ever seen, Yashchenko, and the last time I saw Rolf Beilschmidt he was on crutches.

      I'm pretty sure I saw either Belkov or Grigoryev in LA in '83. I thoght the straddle with the J run up had real promise. Speed of approach of the flop and the body control of the straddle. Didn't quite work out that way.


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        Steve: For the record, I'm with you 2/3s of the way. I'm fine with the fiberglass pole, but otherwise agree with you completely!


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          Originally posted by Stafanitus

          so what if a bunch of talented jumpers developed belkovs start to perfection in our days? yashchenkos clearance with paklins kurve?

          It would be too demoralizing if that bunch of talented jumpers found out that in 1983, Zhu Jianhua flopped 2.38 on a training background that involved absolutely no power training :wink:


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            Good morning.

            There is an american jumper posting training vids on youtube claiming his coach was Zhu`s coach too.

            Some of you might know him much better than me, maybe intersting to watch and have some of the high jumpers comments.


            Back to the thread title i am waiting for new technical-inventions to be seen.
            I remember two american triplejumpers working on a hitch step phase in the 90s but cant find those videos. Was it for example Robert Howard? Does anybody remember, are there vids i can check?