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'09 Brussels W800m


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  • jpaule
    Maggie Maggie :cry: Maggie :!: :?: :!: :?:

    You are the true Drama Queen.

    Will today be for your fans or :cry: :cry: :cry:

    We, your fans, are waiting on pins and needles to find out!!

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  • gh
    I'd accept anything the International Monetary Fund offered :-)

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  • Mighty Favog
    This is the kind of points-standings what-does-this-mean-in-the-bigger-picture stuff that we got used to in the old GP days, lost in the intervening years, and should get again in the Diamond League. I like it because it makes a cohesive "season" rather than just "a bunch of stuff that happens".

    It appears that Vessey has clinched going to the WAF (should she, like the IMF, choose to accept it).

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  • James Fields
    2009 Brussels W800m

    Athletes qualify for WAF by earning place-points in at least three WAT meets. The top meets (Golden League and Super Grand Prix) award more points than "plain" Grand Prix which score higher than Area Permit meets. If athletes score in more than five meets, he/she is credited with their best five points-earning meets.

    For W800m World Athletics Final the IAAF plans eight runners -- the top seven point-earners plus one that IAAF can designate. Here are the top seven with their total WAT points before Brussels:

    62 - Maggie Vessey, USA
    55 - Jennifer Simpson, GBR
    51 * Jennifer Meadows, GBR
    49 - Marilyn Okoro, GBR
    48 * Elisa Cusma Piccione, ITA
    48 - Mayte Martínez, ESP
    42 * Ekaterina Kostetskaya, RUS

    Vessey has become the 2009 leader by winning 800m in three of her six WAT meets. Meadows and Piccione have each won twice. Simpson, Okoro, Martinez and Kostetskaya have each won only one of their reported WAT races. Most have earned place-points in their non-winning races.

    Today's race is the last WAT scoring opportunity for all w800m runners. The remaining Grand Prix meet, Sunday at Rieti, does not include their event.

    Note that three runners with an asterisk, next to their names on rank-order list above, are not on the Brussels start list. That presents an opportunity for Willard (30 points in 2 WAT 800m races) to move into a WAF qualifying position via today's high-scoring Golden League race.
    WAF = World Athletics Final, Sept 12-13 at Thessaloniki, GRE
    WAT = World Athletics Tour, meets of past year in many nations

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  • gh
    ne Athlete Nation PB SB
    1 VESSEY, Maggie USA 1:57.84 1:57.84
    1 WILLARD, Anna USA 1:58.80 1:58.80
    2 ZBROZHEK, Oksana RUS 1:58.06 1:59.13
    3 ROSTKOWSKA, Anna POL 1:58.72 1:59.77
    4 SIMPSON, Jemma GBR 1:59.07 1:59.07
    5 CUSMA, Elisa ITA 1:58.63 1:58.99
    5 MARTINEZ, Mayte ESP 1:57.62 1:58.81
    6 OKORO, Marilyn GBR 1:58.45 1:59.56
    7 KREVSUN, Yulia UKR 1:57.32 1:58.00
    8 SAVINOVA, Maria RUS 1:57.90 1:57.90
    9 JEPKOSGEI, Janeth KEN 1:56.04 1:57.90
    9 TSYGANOVA, Natalya RUS 1:56.60 2:03.26

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  • jeremyp
    Time for another Vessey golden run, after numerous hunker down in the back routines???

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  • James Fields
    started a topic '09 Brussels W800m

    '09 Brussels W800m

    Third version of women's 800m list increased field size to 12 runners -- bringing to mind earlier forum concerns about more runners than lanes. Three lanes (1, 5, 9) each have two runners for first turn.

    Lane . Athlete and Nation (with 2009 Best)
    . 1 . . Maggie Vessey, USA (1:57.84)
    . 1 . . Anna Willard, USA (1:58.80)

    . 2 . . Oksana Zbroshek, RUS (1:59.13)
    . 3 . . Anna Rostkowska, POL (1:59.77)
    . 4 . . Jemma Simpson, GBR (1:59.07)

    . 5 . . Elisa Cusma, ITA (1:58.99)
    . 5 . . Mayte Martinez, ESP (1:58.81)

    . 6 . . Marilyn Okoro, GBR (1:59.56)
    . 7 . . Yulia Krevsun, UKR (1:58.00)
    . 8 . . Maria Savinova, RUS (1:57.90)

    . 9 . . Janeth Jepkos, KEN (1:57.90)
    . 9 . . Natalya Tsyganova, RUS (2:03.26) pace "rabbit"

    Brussels "golden" status means more points, than most WAT meets, for earning a place in the World Athletics Final a week later in Greece. Willard, already assured of a WAF entry in 1500m, could earn a doubler role there with a high finish in Brussels 800m. Vessey is the current WAT leader -- both in both points scored and time for the distance in 2009.