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#1 USA 5K - Ritz or Teg?


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    Originally posted by Bruce Kritzler
    "would have" ?

    Rankings aren't about "would have". Ritz and Rupp were 1-1 in head to head comp, with Ritz finishing higher in the more important race. Ritz will be ranked ahead of Rupp.
    I agree. I also contend that Rupp is a better 10,000 runner than Ritz; always has been, always will be. Time will tell, when both are competing on the same levels and Rupp hasn't gone through a difficult collegiate season. But hey, I love 'em both.


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      Originally posted by 26mi235
      5000 is clear: Lagat, Teg, Ritz (ahead of Solinsky, I think)
      Lagat is clear as US #1

      Not so on the next guy. Teg competed in 2 races USATF and World's that Ritz did not. On a world level, I don't think the rankers are going to factor in the US title all that highly. Teg's 7th at the WC is a bigger factor at the world level. Ritz beat 3 guys in his AR race who beat Teg at the WC and one other guy who Ritz beat in Zurich also beat Teg in Brussels. So, on a world level, Ritz should rank higher.

      I'm not sure why Solinsky is even mentioned unless it's to point out who'd be 4th.