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2009 WAF Webcast Schedule Sept 12-13


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  • 2009 WAF Webcast Schedule Sept 12-13 displays an encouraging notice about its coverage of the World Athletics Final on Sept. 12-13 at Thessaloniki, GRE.

    The announced start time of 1115 EDT [0815 PDT] on both days should assure viewing the first track event each day -- women's steeplechase on Saturday at 1815 and W400m hurdles on Sunday at 1825. [The meet venue is seven hours ahead of USA Eastern time.]

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    I just found out today that DirecTV has Universal Sports for free until the end of September (I guess this is a "trial run"). It is right after Versus (603) on channel 604. I checked the guide, and the WAF is schedule for 2PM PDT on both days, so it is apparently delayed. Of course, that schedule could change. I set my DVR up to record both, but I don't know whether the software is smart enough to "follow" the program if the schedule changes; it should, because it gets schedule information over my phone line. We'll see.

    I have sent an e-mail to DirecTV requesting that they add Universal Sports and threatening to switch to Dish Network if the latter beats them to it. I got the reply telling me about channel 604; they also gave me three free months' worth of Showtime Unlimited, so it pays to contact these people.

    I also contacted Dish Network and told them that if they added Universal Sports I would consider switching.
    Alan Shank
    Woodland, CA