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When was the Rieti track re-laid in the last 30 years?


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  • When was the Rieti track re-laid in the last 30 years?

    With the recent Rieti meet throwing up yet another very fast and (for some) unexpected performance, I was wondering how much the track has changed since the meet started in the '70's. Does anyone know if and when the track has been re-laid?
    I seem to remember reading somewhere recently that it was last resurfaced in 2004 (?), but wasn't it also resurfaced in the late '90's?
    If anyone can help or has any info., it would be much appreciated.


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    Regarding the current facility at Rieti the IAAF chart of "Certified Athletics Facilities" shows that, as of 1 June 2009, the surface was "Sportsflex Super X" manufactured by Mondo.

    So you could start with this URL: and consider an inquiry to the manufacturer about installation dates. leads to a lot of information -- in Italian. But just now I did not observe there a previously available link to a photograph of the facility (which might show that the 6-lane track I saw at Rieti in 1995 has been replaced by a track with more lanes).

    Finally, you could Google "Stadio dell' Atletica Raul Guidobaldi" for more than you may wish to read -- even though Google translator can process many of the displayed links.

    Your research may produce discoveries about Rieti venue that could be shared in this T&FN forum.

    LATER: I saw a photo at showing Rieti this month with more than six lanes (eight or nine? younger eyes than mine may clarify).


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      I believe it happened some time in the early 2000s (around 2002?). Supposedly the track was built once again pretty much from scratch.
      Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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        Thanks a lot to both of you. I will look at those links you have posted James Fields. Many thanks. :0)