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Pechonkina retires


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  • Pechonkina retires,1248733,2051198, ... omosc.html

    According to the article, Yulia Pechonkina announced she was retiring due to persistent health problems (most recently she had a thigh injury, and she has also been suffering from chronic sinusitis and allergies).
    Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...

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    English (BBC) version posted to the front page late yesterday.


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      I'm not medically trained, but can sinusitis be that debilitating?

      I don't think she ever fulfilled her potential, neither over the hurdles nor on the flat. She ran on the Russian 4x200 WR team at one stage didn't she?
      She was definately capable of sub 50 on the flat. She suffered with nerves too much though, ruining her chances of a medal in Athens and ofcourse that silly run in Paris when on paper she should have won gold. She also ran some poorly judged relay legs, going off far too tentatively then finishing like a stream train down the home straight.


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        Pechonkina has previously been reported as having some kind of heart problems, I think as far back as her world record.

        Considering her injury history, do you think there is a chance she has British ancestry? (insert appropriate smiley)


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          apparently she has some kind of problems were a change in air pressure makes her have a stroke !!
          i deserve extra credit


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            I am so glad she retired, they were playing with her life. She has a heart issue, and back in 2003 everyone forgets she almost did not run WCs due to an brain issue. There was an article that stated she was on medication and could have an annuerism(sp) at any time. Yet she continued to run. Since that time she has battled mysterious injury after injury. I am glad she is retired and will live a life, hopefully she will not suffer now that she is not running anymore

            And the other mystery of her career was her sub par 4x4 legs. I always expected her to drop massive splits but she ran very mediocre legs.


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              The sad thing is, in the article on the Russian Federation website, it finished with the line "In a week, Yuliya will begin to work in a bank."


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                why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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                  Originally posted by DentyCracker
                  Thanks Denty had brain freeze and did not feel like looking it up lol