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Lilli Schwarzkopf & coach 'sacked'


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  • Lilli Schwarzkopf & coach 'sacked'

    According to some reports in the German press Lilli Scwarzkopf's father, who is her coach, will have his contract terminated with their club LC Paderborn on December 31st. This is due to "communication difficulties" and "lack of co-operation with the other coaches".

    Lilli Schwarzkopf said "If the club wanted my father out, they thereby want me out too; we are not like footballers, I cannot simply change coach. I am frightened." Since 2000 Lilli has represented the club and since 2002 she has been good publicity for the club on the international stage. She said "Nobody has spoken with me about this. Mr Woischner (the chairman of club LC Paderborn) did not introduce himself to me ever, let alone look at our training and yet he accuses my father of lack of communication and co-operation in training".

    Schwarzkopf must now find a new club. According to Lilli the club are focussing on sprinting and jumps, not multi eventers and recruiting new athletes and coaches. She has decided she will not compete in the heptathlon in 2010 and instead work on her weaknesses, recover from injury and finish her studiesa, with a view to "attacking 2011 and continue until 2013"