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Lebedeva WR breakdowns


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  • Lebedeva WR breakdowns

    FIRST WR (15,25m):

    6,5cm from plank

    5,32m first hop
    4,02 second hop
    5,91 third hop

    SECOND WR (15,36m):

    1,3cm from plank

    5,44m first hop
    3,98m second hop
    5,94 third hop

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    Re: Lebedeva WR breakdowns

    For us TJ coaches that averages out to a
    35% - 26% - 39%
    impressive first phase, but relatively meager middle phase plus Big jump phase

    compare to Edwards 'perfect' 18.29 jump
    6.45 - 35%
    5.55 - 30%
    6.29 0 35%

    his percentages have been long supposed to be ideal.

    women different?


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      Re: Lebedeva WR breakdowns

      no, not women different, just Lebedeva different. She has always seemd to have a short step phase in comparison to other jumpers. (What I have seen of her so far that is)
      why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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        Re: Lebedeva WR breakdowns

        Does the top women favor what used to be called the Polish model, flat hop & step and longer Jump?
        Is Lebedeva unusual?


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          Re: Lebedeva WR breakdowns


          Do you have the breakdowns for the other female Triple Jumpers? Thanks in advance.


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            Re: Lebedeva WR breakdowns

            Does anybody know where breakdown data for TJ can be found?
            Many thanks


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              Re: Lebedeva WR breakdowns

              >Is Lebedeva unusual?

              Lebedeva has a monster final phase (making good use of her LJ'ing talent). I think if she tried to put more into the 2nd phase, that she might not have as much energy for the final phase. Lebedeva has an unusual style (but one which works great for her), so I don't think that she'd benefit that much from a 35%-30%-35% jump.

              Edited to add - Lebedeva's middle phase is generally quite flat (although she still gets great leg extension), but this presumably keeps the speed and momentum going throughout the phases, so that she doesn't lose too much speed going into the final phase. This speed is what gets her jumping close to 6m on her final phase (combined with a great natural talent for LJ'ing).

              I'm just saying what I think as an observer - it'd be great to hear from some TJ specialists!


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                Re: Lebedeva WR breakdowns

                Yes, her final phase was most impressive. Coming into it at a relatively flat angle as she did off her "short" second phase, she was able to settle into a good LJ takeoff positin and get great lift. But I too suspect she's too close to the old "hop step & jump" than she is to the TJ and she'd go farther by lengthening two and shortening three.