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How about an NCAA Indoors contest?


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    Re: How about an NCAA Indoors contest?

    (not counting that stupid
    >Eurotrash thing that I came in 20th out of 40, an obvious anti-American bias
    >involved - jkJon).

    Considering the US performance in Budapest - yes, there was a bias against people who put too many Americans in the top 3 :-P
    Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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      Re: How about an NCAA Indoors contest?

      >I second that! I was glued to the BBC broadcast last weekend. By the way, the
      >BBC announcers did a great job and I actually learned a thing or two from their
      >discussion between events...unlike tv coverage (of commercials) here in the US.

      Crikey, you'd LOVE the BBC when they produce a good broadcast, then! Although I didn't see it, their Budapest slots were apparently quite bad (for the BBC). If ever you get a chance, try to catch their coverage of the bigger events (Euro Cup, Olympics, even the British GPs, etc....). Guaranteed it'll be better than their Budapest coverage.