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edinburgh x country- bekele dropping back


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    Originally posted by mump boy

    i didn't mean because he' not in good shape right now, just that Daniel Komens 7.20 is one of the best records in the books and i think it unlikely that a 10k specialist can move down to 3k and beat that record at this stage in his career

    he has a 1500 and 3k pb's of 3:32.35/ 7:25.79 from 2007 i don't see his speed improving that much but we'll wait and see nothing would suprise me
    Ah ok, yeah I agree with you, it will be tough. Though I will give him a little wiggle room given how good he looked in his 3k in Paris last year against Lagat, and that was off of 10k/5k training. Most likely he will run also needs to get solid rabbits for this task...