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Cinco ranch high jump training program


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  • Cinco ranch high jump training program

    Can anyone describe the training program for Scott. He's definately a Phenomena. But it didn't happen by accident. At what age did he break 7'? Does Cinco have other elite jumpers. What are they doing that created this extraordinary jumper? Has he perfected the physics of jumping? We hope to see him in Arcadia.

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    Re: Cinco ranch high jump training program

    While it would be interesting to know more about this high school program, specifically what they have done to enable their kid to jump so high, I do not believe that coaching or training methodologies can "create" a seven-four high jumper at any age. I have been around enough national class high school performers to see that strong support and capable technical input open the door, but the real differences between a competitive six-four 11th grade jumper (for example) and a seven-four jumper lay in their physical gifts. All the training advantages in the world and a superb work ethic won't make a 12 inch differential in vertical jump or a twelve foot differential in the shot or account for the margin between a 4:04 PR and a 4:24 PR in a 1600 meter race for a 16 or 17 year old.